Jet Force Gemini

In N64

Who else had a liking for this game? I dont know why but i always loved this game. I havent played it much, but the times that i have played it i enjoyed it a lot.

and the chick is hot stuff! haha

she kinda looks like a raver

I used to like it but not love it.
it just never got my atention.

I remembered reading about it in magazines back when the N64 was the big thing, I really wanted it. So I picked it up when i was at a pawn shop recently, it's a good game, but I haven't spent enough time with it to have fallen in love with it.

I too remember reading about it and wanting it, I could never afford it, I did see a copy a while back, cart only, but it was rather expensive - £40! That's MORE the price of a new game! It does look good.