Modding controllers to play on N64

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I ordered a replacement analogue stick for my N64 controller today and I'll probably have to order another one in a few months.

I was wondering if there was a way to take an Xbox or Gamecube controller (not PS1/2 'cause I hate it's over sensitive analogue sticks) and modify it to play on the N64. Y'know... just chop off the end connector and replace it with the N64's.

I'm not sure about the analog input, but for all digital input it's not too complex, but it does involve soldering. Likely not worth it to replace the digital input, since it's the analog stick on the N64 that always goes bad.

I have always wanted to do that use a PSX controller on a N64 or something like that. The N64 controller has 3 wires Data, POWer, Ground. The XBOX has 4 wires Data+, Data-, POWer, Ground so i dont think you could use that controller. As for the PS2 controller I am not sure how the wiring is for that. Also the controllers may use different voltages which could be a problem.

you could probably experiment by putting Data + and - together for an Xbox. Personally, though, I hate Xbox controllers so I don't recomend it.

Xbox controllers are USB, so they're unlikely to work.