Man, I REALLY need some help in Conker...

In N64

I was playing Conkers Bad Fur day a while ago, but I got to this one part that I got stuck at since now. Its the part (for the people who have played it) where your in that club with the rocks, and you have to move the rock in the whole. Well, everytime I try to get him in the whole (with the whole beer thing), he doesn't make it. I've asked "Greatmightypoo" for help a while back, but I'm still stuck. Anyone know an easy way to do it? Thanks.

It's been AWHILE since I've played that. Any of the FAQS on this below site should help.

infact i just started playing this yesterday, and i realized that i played it almost constantly , and i am actually just after Count Batula, at that part you are at you have to Pee on all the Male Rock guys into the holes and the Guys will fall and break the Cage thingie that BErri is in, im pretty sure you can go from there.