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Just thought, in order to keep things active a bit, that I should say that I've started to have "N64 Nights" with a couple of friends.

I started to hang out with two old friends from elementary school again, after a long time I might add. Between the three of us, I'm the only one who actually own a N64, but we meet at my friends house, who owns an Xbox, and we use his emulators that comes with this chip you can buy for the system.

We usually do this every Thursday, and mostly, we've been playing Mario Cart 64 non-stop. We also Play Castlevania 64 and many others. We actually managed to squeeze in a little SNES Games last time.

It really brings back memories, since we used to play all these games on my N64 when we were kids.

Just thought I should bring it up. Anyone else who has these nights? Doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the N64. Like an "Xbox Night" or "Wii Night" with your friends?

My friends and I would do one every friday, this was when the N64 and Playstation were "new"
At first, it started with the N64. We would go to one friends house to play Goldeneye, Smash Bros, Mario Kart and others. There was about eight of us, so we couldn't all play at once, but it was still good fun.
We later moved onto the PS and took advantage of the four player multi tap. We played, amongst others, Quake 2, Micro Machines and Anna Kournakova's Smash Court Tennis. One friend had a huge amount of PS games (75+) so we always had games to play. I'm still the undefeted Tekken 3 champion
Not so long ago, my housemates, myself and others did a Halo 2 system link night, it was quite fun, but not as fun as the previous N64/PS nights.
Multiplayer games are always fun, especially with people actually in the same room as opposed to it being online. I think the PS & N64 are certainly good multiplayer consoles.

Sounds cool. I remember doing something similar with Goldeneye.

I used to, back when the NES was new, as well as the SNES. A friend and I used to have all-night gaming marathons with the NES, as well as the ColecoVision! I remember us relentlessly trying to solve Solomons Key and never succeeding. Kid Icarus, Metroid, Megaman, Karnov, and many other NES Games were solved on these gaming nights. Although he'd get frustrated and just give me adVice in the background while I finished them. Many 7-Eleven nachos and sub sandwiches were also eaten on these nights.
Unfortunately, nowadays, it's just me alone, in front of a computer screen or TV playing the games. My other half likes to watch for a little while, but she's not obsessed with gaming like I am. And the friend that used to play the NES Games? He can't make it over as often anymore, but we did play Gauntlet: Dark Legacy together a couple of months ago.
And I never owned a N64. I could kick myself, because I had the opportunity to buy one in January, but I had another game 'on the mind' at the time.

Sometimes, when my one friend comes in to town, we and about 5 other people come to my house and have a sleep, and we normally do one certain thing for most of the night. Such as play Blitz for N64, or watch movies, or play Mario Party, or have tournments in NHL or Madden. Its pretty much a blast since in the morning we head out to the park or something to play some real football or basketball .

I remember SNES nights back in the day. We'd play Street Fighter 2010 or Mario Kart. Aah, good old times.

At my friend's place we didn't play videogames, but multiplayer PC games. Mostly Age of Empires and the likes. Sometimes we'd just sit there from dusk till dawn (TM).

I used to have N64 nights every Friday after school with 3 other friends. It basically consisted of Super Smash Bros. (Samus 4 me basically), Mario Kart 64, and MARIO PARTY 3 (which I think is the best version 4 N64 cus it doesn't involve only hitting 'A' as fast as possible like the previous 2 games.

i hated mario party 3 compared to 1 and 2..

Me and my university roomie still play SNES on some evenings.

He's really into platformers, so we usually play Kirby Super Star and Donkey Kong Country 3. He sold me both of those games but he still gets to play them while I increased my collection so it worked out well.

He also enjoys Rival Turf and Secret of Mana.

I got some new stuff recently that we're gonna play in the fall, namely Super Double Dragon and Super Smash TV.

Sounds cool. I've actually started to have some nights that consist of GC games with a group of five people including myself. It's usually SSBM, but also sometimes the Mario Party games and Soul Calibur 2 (I've actually gotten into that game quite a lot).

my dad plays socom every friday night with a bunch of his friends.