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Is it possible to just splice a n64 controller cable halfway get 12 foot of 3wire wire connect and have it work??Look at my lovely illustration:
< would be the plug end
> would be the controller end
---is the standard controller wire
is my new wire

As long as you make sure the wires are connected to the correct wire I don't see that being a problem.
And as I remember the N64 controllers only have three wires? +5V, Ground, and data?
Good luck.

Yep, as uglyjack said, as long as all of the wires are connected properly, it'll be no problem at all. I wouldn't suggest any extreme lengths, due to signal loss, but 12' should be fine.

allrite guys thanx. Im thinkin of 12 - 16 foot plus the standard 6foot i think. I just wanted to make sure that when I lengthened the cord the POWer ( which is +3.5 volt uglyjack) wont decrease to the point that there wouldnt be enough POWer and it wouldnt work . Ill try it and post the results in here with maybe some pics.

if you want to be THAT technical, it's 3.3v

sounds like a good idea. Why do you need 16 foot cable for?

I hope you've got a HUGE TV to see from 16 feet away.

While you're at it why not add in some of those break-away connectors (like xbox)?

I hope you've got a HUGE TV to see from 16 feet away.

While you're at it why not add in some of those break-away connectors (like xbox)?
That sounds hot.

I dont deal with n64 really; i just pick it up here and there, so, sorry I was off on the voltage.

Let us know how it goes.

Is it just for the purpose of "modding" or do you really need a 16ft cable?
My room is hardly big enough to use 16ft cables in there.
I recommend wireless controllers.

No its not that my room is huge or is the TV it is just that my bed is like a bunk bed, underneath the bed is my little desk and computer. My TV is on a shelf raised to the height of the bed. When I play my N64 on my bed the controller must go over and up to my bed. What I have done several times is pull my controller back in happiness or frustration, and yanked the N64 with it which proceeds to fall 5 feet and hit the ground . So I dont wanna cause any more damage so im just gonna lengten it my self instead of buying the 15$ 6 foot N64 controller lengthener. And I probably would get a wireless controller except the few that exist work very poorly, or so i have heard.

I finished it . I spliced the wires soldered them to the new wires ( with help of my dad, he held them i soldered) then we shrink wrapped them and finally i wrapped a bunch of electrical tape around it. The total length of the new one 22 feet!!! And the rumble pack even works still!! (not sure about the memory card though) Here are some pics:

Nice job. You should sell it on ebay, and say, "SUPER RARE, ONLY 1 EVER MADE!." jk Good job.

if the buttons and everything still work, as well as the rumble pack, the memory pack should be no problem. That's a lot longer than I though it would work from.


Good Job! Congratulations.


Good job!!!
But out of curiousity why didn't you just buy a few Nyko N64 Extenders for it instead? (are they bad or something; I don't know).

They are like 10$ each and I would need 3 so that would be 30$. I spent $3.50 for solder and shrinkwrap, the wire was from one of my dads projects so i paid nottin

Congrats on that.
I couldn't do that.

Yea, this would've been way easier, but then you gotta worry about the whole thing coming apart. The only thing I'm worried about for ya is the obvious likelihood of shorts in the wire over time, and also the N64 controller eventually wearing out as they tend to do.

Then again, I'm too lazy to ever do something like that.

thats bad ass. you should do that for ppl and charge $20 bucks per controller. you make money fast. if I ever get my hands on an extra N64 controller I think I might copy you and try this.

Hey!! Thats a good idea... Im pretty sure I could even do that with any conroller. Where my dad works he gets the wire for free so I really dont have to spend any money on supplies. And then charge 5 bucks more than they usually are. I could buy a PS2 one at EB for 20.00 and then sell it for 25.00 at school. Some dude would be willing to buy it. I could have another buissness ( I already burn CD's for people and sell them for a dollar or two)

Why not do it for all systems? The more the better. I suggest using a thick gauge of solid copper wire. Also, practice with badly made controllers first if you're new to the pinout of a system. By the way, if you ever try to modify a controller, keep in mind most use those weird globtop ICs and magnetic switches (you know, those ones with those wavy bare wires where the button is supposed to be). Once, I was so eager to modify an NES Innovation joystick, I cut the five wires leading to the controller's pcb before even studying the IC .

Controller pinouts dont matter, it is simply splicing the wires and lengthening them. For example the N64 controller has 3 wires so I simply used 16 feet of 3 wire wire.

Hey! I just did that with a NES controller!! I took a broken controller, cut off the wire 3/4 of the way down, cut off the plug on the good controller, stripped all the wires..(My damned wire-stripping tool's lowest setting was ONE setting too high..

two ft. thats it? if I were over 50 years old I'd tell you that is bad for your eyes but since Im not Im going to say: ONLY two feet?! ONLY TWO?! I SIT 7 3/4 in. FROM MINE! wireless kicks ass.

Same thing here, my stripper was just a little bit too big for them little wires so I had to use a pair of scissors.

Do any of you know if I could turn a N64 controller into a NES controller? I have a N64 controller and the joystick is shot but thought it would be cool to have it as an NES controller? Do they have the same wires, or am I nuts?

I don't think so, i just know the SNES and NES where backwards compatible.
But i could be wrong