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Today I saw a N64 clone on TV shopping.
The console looks like a Nintendo 64 and has 101 classic games on a cart. There are also some NES Games among those. E.g. Arkanoid, Adventure Island, Pooyan and many more. And Galaga and stuff.

And the lightgun that comes with it resembles the NES zapper...

Here's the link

Have a look at it. It sells for 36.25 Euro.

I don't know what Nintendo says about that.
Perhaps I'll drom'em a mail.

Yea, I saw one at a flee market with an N64 controller like 2 yrs ago. Also back in November at the mall, me and my freind were going to watch a movie but we had to wait about an hour, one of the stands had somthing like this and I played Elavtor Action and Contra

I saw the same thing when I was in LA in October. Apparently there were stands in malls all across the US selling those N64 pads but Nintendo put a stop to it around Christmas by threatening legal action. They were a bit crap really. The guy told me there were hundreds of games on it but I played it and there was only about 15 just repeated with different names.

As for that N64 clone, that sure looks interesting. I would have thought a big channel like QVC could get in a bit of trouble for selling pirates like that.

I sent a mail to Nintendo, but they didn't answer yet. Maybe tomorrow.
It really looks like a pirate thing. But maybe they have some deal with Nintendo... you can't know.

I'll post here what Nintendo wrote when they answer.

that is what's what's known as a famiclone, thre are hundreds of them. a good showcase can be seen here:

That's a nice site you found there.
I didn't realize there were so many clones out there.

I especially like the Polystation.

they have had them all over the mall for months! my friend has a controller eh bought that has every nes game ever created with bonus stuff it has like 30,000 games or something crazy like that i think it more! its insane

You are full of crap. NES Games use mappers, of which there were at least 5 from nintendo, and several third party ones, all of those chips would have to be present, and correctly wired to have "every nes game ever created"

also, it would require stupid amounts of memory to store those games. if you actually sit down and play half of those 30,000 games, it's just Contra, and... Contra II (same thing, they'll just stick a II on it and call it a new game) and Super Contra, and mr, shoot-guy (Contra) or they'll do terrible sprite hacks. it doesn't have every game, period.

At least 29950 of the 30000 games are same games with different names, or you can only play 2 of 10 levels of a game or something.

Or another possibility. Very funny.
There was a company who sold their little game and advertised with 9999 levels.
So let's take ONE game that has let's say 10 modes and 99 levels for each mode we already reach 990 levels. Then they packed about 10 different games (clones of famous games like Tetris or Space invaders) on that game thing. It was ridiculous.

The one I played claimed to be 12000 in 1 and it did seem to have that many games listed on the title screen but like i said it only had about 15 actual games. The funniest thnig was thinking that someone had gone to the trouble of making up hundreds of different names for the likes of Super Mario Bros..

Did anyone see the Famicom-On-A-Card? The site also links to .

I get an error when goinhg to that site.
Is it called "Arcade Action"? This was for sale here on TellSell (the commercial was really cheesy), the console mathces your description.

Manuel, I take it Nintendo never responded to your E-Mail? It would have been interesting to see what they would have said.
I recall seeing such things being sold out of the back of a van (literally) at a market a couple of years ago.