Did you enjoy the Cruis'n Games?

In N64

Did you enjoy the ol' cruis'n games for your N64? I personly thought they were the best racing games for the N64 (besides Mario Kart). Which one did you like more?

Hell yes! The games ruled. I also liked rush! Ive obly played cruisin the world, so thats my pick!

i picked world becasue i get my cool color Change thingie mabob, and i played this one the most, And i also liked the rush games.

I didn't like any of them to be honest. Mario Kart, and Diddy Kong Racing are more my style. Arcade racers and I have a bad history

My girlfriend on the other hand loves the series.

They are all the BEST!! I had to vote for Cruisin USA though cuz it was the first one i played back in the day. I also like the XtremeG games the RUSH games and of course diddy kong racing and mario kart. California speed is also good and so is hotwheels turboi racin. There are so many good ones...

I enjoyed Cruis n' World i liked that mustang with the Blower that was pretty cool.

I only played Cruisin USA once and only for a short time, so I can't make a detailed comment about it, but I didn't like it that much. At least that was my first impression.

I wasn't too keen on them either. They were o.k.