Must see this website!! Portable N64!!

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This guy's site is awesome he makes portable systems.

A portable N64 sounds cool.
How many batteries does that thing need?

I just don't like the design too much.

HOOOOOOOLY MOOOOOLEY!!!!!!!!!!!! That guy knows how to tear apart stuff and make something else. Is it really true? I want to buy something of his.

It's all very expensive, as you can imagine. Think of how many hours of labour that would take.

I want a portable N64!!!!He needs to start working on a Gamecube P!!!! I was cracking up looking at that. haha

Did you see the portable Gamecube? It was more like an LCD screen and the guts of a Gamecube thrown into a box together. It was bigger than a laptop.

Like this?

or another link to the same thing

Man, that would be pretty slick if it was more than just a render.

Here's the one I was talking about. It's not as big as I remembered, but still larger than what would make it practical.

The pic isn't a thumbnail. That's the actual image. It was a guy's avatar on the Ben Heck forums.

I found this guys. CHOMP IT UP!

Also here you go guys

I like it!!!

About the n64 one where is the Z button?? Gamecube one is cool, but how do you play multi player with both those.

That portable gamecube looks cool. And it wouldn't even be that big. I'd be ok with that.

That's the guy that made the portable PSOne, right? The one where you pop the CD on the back and makes it look like a tablesaw?

why doesnt the guy patent the idea or at least try to mass produce them and make a good buck off ebay

I looked at those pics and i am mighty impressed. It must take a load of patience to really do all that. They should try to mass market the product.

I think patenting or mass marketing that could be a huge legal headache... people don't like it when you make money from things that they were too stupid to do...

I wish I had the know how and the money to do stuff like that. you could cash in big on the street or at flea markets with that stuff. (run from cops if they show up. )

A portable N64 sounds cool.
How many batteries does that thing need?

I just don't like the design too much.

it needs alot of batteries (looked close to 6)

Copyright laws. They're someone else's product, no matter how radically you alter them.

However, if he built them out of completely unrelated parts and changed the names, then he might be able to patent them.!!!!

Thats really cool, and would love to get one, but the price would be so much, I'll stick with my ol' console.