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There was many racing games made for N64. What are some of your favorites Mine are Cruisin USA, World, Exotica, and the RUSH games

Mine were/ still are Crusen the USA, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and Mickey's Speed Way

I completely forget about Diddy Kong and Mario Kart! How could I?

San Francisco Rush, Wave Race, Mario Kart, F-Zero X are my favorites.

Top Gear Overdrive
Beetle Adventure Racing
Shadows of the Empire(Swoop Part)
Mario 64(Koopa the Quick)

All Listed up there

Crusin USA and World, Mario Kart 64, Extreme G, and Wave Race

crusin' usa/world and wave race 64.

mine would be biohazard grand prix.

It's got to be mario kart 64 and wave race 64 (I thought nobody else liked that game until now)
To a lesser extent, f zero and diddy kong racing

^ I forgot about Wave Race. I have the game, and love it. The graphics were beautiful for the N64 time. Still think they are.

I've never been much of a fan of serious racers, so my favourites are Mario 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Wave Race and F Zero. I'm supprised so many of you like Crusin USA, I thought that was rubbish, but like I said I don't paticularly like that sort of game anyway.

Wave Race, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart.

1.Mario kart 64

Wave race was the second game i had for the N64.(first was banjo kazzooie). I still remember to this day me, my mom,dad, aunt and uncle playing it. none of them were video game players .

Im glad other people like it, it got good reviews in the magazines here. But my friends don't like it, it's "too hard" whiny babies

Ha too hard that sounds like my friend.

One you may have never heard of is snowboard kids 2. The first one is good, but the sequel improves on it in every way. Diddy Kong Racing is awesome!!!

I liked snowboard kids. Been a couple years since i played it, but its good. I remember that.