Tri-Star/Super 8 adapter, plays NES on SNES/N64

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Has anyone heard of the Tri-Star or Super 8? It's this thing that looks like it plays Famicom games on your SNES or N64.

Here's an article on IGN about it:

What's the deal with these things? Is the sound/video the same? Does anyone have one? Will it play NES Games or only Famicom? Is it worth searching for one?

Well, if it plays Famicom games, it'll play NES Games with the proper adapter. I had looked into these things a little, but not really enough to provide any more information than is shown in that article.

it'll be hard to find one outside of ebay I suspect too.

That addon to the N64 would be great . Has anyone ever heard of GameBoy Hunter? supposedly you can play any Gameboygame on your N64. Here is a link to it, just click GB Hunter at the top.

or the Super Gameboy.

that was for the SNES.

I know that, Obviously

then could you possibly stop posting just for the sake of getting your post count up?

the Super Game Boy isn't one of the mentioned N64 adapters, so it doesn't belong in the thread.