Paper Mario Review

In N64

This is the best N64 game I ever played and is my favorite too. I'm not even an RPG fan and I still love it. It is great in everyway possible. I suggest this game for any type of person. If your looking for adventure, a good rpg, or even a little humor.

Story: 10/10

I will admit, the Mario game stories are getting a little repetive but this one is different. Mario is invited to a party by Peach. Soon as he meets her, Bowser shows up. He had stole the star rod and has trapped the Star Spirits in different places of Mushroom Kingdom. Then Mario loses. (Something you don't see everyday is it?). Then mario floats down to Mushroom Kingdom injured. What happens next? This story has a twist other then Peach just getting kidnapped. I also find this story rather humorous and suprising. Theres a lot of humor parts I won't mention in the review but you'll never know what happens next. You will probably be begging to see what will happen next.

Audio/Sound: 10/10

First, the music. They make each one fit each place so well. For example, Dry Dry Desert sounded like a song that would come from Saudi Arabia, Shy Guy Toy Box sounded like a sort of babyish theme, and lastly my favorite, Lavalava island sounded carribean. The music is never annoying either, not even the battle music, but you can change the battle sound effects with a badge, which is a good idea I like. I find myself wanting to listen to the music a lot cause is so catchy. It even fits the mood sometimes. And also, boss battles do not all have the same battle theme. They have the theme that matches where you are probably. Which is unique. Now, the sound. The sound effects are nice aswell. For 2D looks, everything sounds 3D, which is impressive. Nice classic Mario sounds you would hear though. Nothing sounding annoying atleast.

Controls: 10/10

Simple and easy to remember. They are all in their right places. I tell you, I have never made a mistake in pressing ANYTHING! They even tell you what to press when your battling. Atleast they gave instructions, but you would of found out on your own anyway. Well not much to say here though.

Gameplay: 10/10

Brilliant gameplay. I haven't played a lot of RPGs and I am not a RPG fan, so don't go calling me stupid, but I like the battling system. Is pretty simple. One word, Timing. Timing in this game isn't hard though. Long as your A button and control stick work. Just make sure your not being bothered. Leveling up is not hard. You will need 100 star points to grow a level. You don't have to worry about your party member a lot, unlike what Super Mario RPG did. The worst that could happen is your party member not attacking. You can get first strikes on the enemies which is a very good feature I like, but the enemies can get a first strike on you aswell. They also have badges of many kinds. They're combination of how you can wear each badge, even if is sucky. There are so many combinations you can use. I tell you, the badges will really give you a hard thinking time. But everything is pretty much your choice on how you want to attack, which party member, which badges, and when to use it. Nice strategy thinking which is great. What to use and not to use. They also have items you can use in battle, I find them kinda cheap though. You can also use the Star Spirits you saved. The enemies that appear when your traveling somewhere are sometimes hard or easy. The bosses are challenging and very hard at points. Now for the side quests. You can do a lot. Some examples include defeating the master of the dojo (Which btw is harder than bowser) and collect all the star pieces and badges. You can even make one of Tayce. T recipes and a lot more! There are so many side quests and I enjoyed doing them. This game also has a nice ''puzzle'' design. There are puzzles almost everywhere, but not hard though. It will get you stumped atleast one time somewhere. The adventure will last you about maybe 20 Hours for an average player. I don't know why is rated E though...I don't see anyone younger than 10 atleast knowing how to play this game..and trust me I do see 7 year olds not doing anything.

Graphics: 10/10

Even though the character models are flat and made into sprites. They 3D world they travel in is very marvelous. You probably won't even notice they are almost 2D as well. They may look ''paperlike'' but they did a good job on it. The sprites even look good, but sometimes I can't even tell they're paper. You probably won't notice that either. The game really makes me feel like playing the old Mario games in an RPG form. But everything isn't exactly ''paper'', they are just flat with animations.
Challenge: 8/10

Is hard at some points and also easy. But I found it mostly hard at points, not that thats a bad thing though.
Replay Vaule: 9/10

This game has excellent replay vaule. I never tire this game. You can re-play it and see will you get through the game better than you did the first time. Or even find badges or other secret things you might have missed. Like I mentioned earlier, do the side quests. They are entertaining and will keep you playing the game even longer.

Rent Or Buy?

Well, it should be cheap right about now. I suggest you Buy. You wouldn't enjoy it a lot if you rented it, but for on thing though, you should atleast try it out. This game is a masterpiece. It will keep you entertained for a long time to come.

Overall: Paper Mario is one of the greatest games I ever played. I guarenteed you will play this game atleast more than once.

I also love the N64 verison. It was one of my favorite games for the N64, with Super Mario 64, and Ocarina of Time. I think they did it very well. I also liked the gamecube one, but it wasn't as good.

yeah I got about half way done and Stopped for some reason.

But the Super Mario RPG is alotta fun too.

I think Paper Mario 2 has more humor and better battle system!

But I think Paper Mario 1 has a better story, better characters, better music, and better duegons.

But I think Paper Mario 1 has a better story, better characters, better music, and better duegons.

Thats true but PM2 is much longer!

But I think Paper Mario 1 has a better story, better characters, better music, and better duegons.

Thats true but PM2 is much longer!

LOL. It looks like we just keep going back and forth . I think you like the second one better while I like the first one more.

But I think Paper Mario 1 has a better story, better characters, better music, and better duegons.

Thats true but PM2 is much longer!

LOL. It looks like we just keep going back and forth . I think you like the second one better while I like the first one more.

The only thing I didn't like about PM1 was the length.

I think the second Paper Mario is better personally. I like the stylishes that were added in during battle, and the audience/background interaction is really good, too. I love both versions, but when it comes down to it, The Thousand-Year Door is my fav of the two.

The only thing I noticed about both games is when you're around 3/4 of the way through them, both of the games seem to drag a bit, or be more boring or something like that.... hard to explain.

Both Paper Marios are great games, but my all-time favorite is Mario RPG for the snes. I got that game when i was seven years old and i understood how to play it, which is saying a lot about an RPG. I still love playing it today. If you've never played it, give it a try.

Super Mario RPG is the Grand-Daddy of all Mario RPG games!

Super Mario RPG is the Grand-Daddy of all Mario RPG games!

Yea.....but I've yet to own it . I was thinking how to use the rev controller for a new Paper Mario game. Hold it back, and release it for the hammer, and other attacks. How you guys think it would work?

i got a Super Mario RPG today 10 bucks.

Damn your lucky!

i already had it , i got it the first time for 7 bucks this time i got it for a friends birthday!

*Take it back* and give to me

No, I NVM i know your Joking so theres truly no point in what i was gonna put.

Excellent review. I loved Paper Mario when I played it so much my head nearly exploded. Every Mario RPG made thus far has been increadibly fun, and Paper Mario was just the master to bring it on home.
I also got The Thousand Year Door when it came out... it's like the exact same story with the names changes around a little bit.
(Star Spirits = Crystal Stars) Still, playing that was just like finding out about a huge new sidequest for the original. It was like I was still playing the old game. A Billion stars for this one, indeed.

PM2 was far too differnt. Their was such a huge noticable Mario quality in the first that's being neglected in the second. The music has always been a major part of a good game, and lets face it, the songs in PM2 are crap. I love techno yet I can hardly find a good structure for the beats. After a thousand years I wound't be able to hum the songs in that game.

It's a good buy but the diolouge drags on too much.

Anywho PM > PM2

i started playing the first one a couple days ago...

i couldnt stop.

played 9 hours...

got way further than before.