Favourite Wave Race 64 course/praise thread

In N64

Which is your favourite course?
Also, feel free to praise the game.

I haven't played it in years, so don't remember all the courses exactly, but i know I liked Twilight City.

Is indeed a great game, although none of my friends seemed to like it for some reason. It can be hard to get into I suppose, because you need to learn how to maneuver the waves properly to stop falling off. It's not easy to appreciate now, but when this was launched with the N64 it looked amazing. The ripples on the water were stunning.

You have to go with Dolphin park. It was the first level I played when my best friend (now lives somewhere else) bought it. It was great.

man, i haven't played this game in like 7 years! i used to play it all the time at my friends house. i need to get it to beef up my crappy N64 collection

I've also got to give a mention to Drake Lake. That level was so peaceful, calming riding through the mist, no waves banging your ski about.

I had just as much fun failing miserably as I did once I had figured it out.