Modding an N64

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how should i do this, i need some ideas, oh yeah the sides are cut ill take a picture sometime soon. I really wanna put like a FUR covering to it.

Big bonus points if you "skin" a stuffed pikachu for your fur.

I need info on moddin' a N64 to use component cables (HD..) ANYONE HAVE A WAY....?

The only way that can be accomplished is with the use of an RGB to component conversion circuit, which will require an encoder chip.

Also, with the N64 you're going to need to amplify the Red, Green, and Blue signal lines, because they're uselessly weak as-is.

As for specific instruction...

I can't seem to dig up the site for a pre-made RGB to component encoder I had previously discovered, but I'll search some more.

It should also be noted that any of those composite to RGB/Component/etc boxes don't actually produce a better image, it's just the same messy, garbage signal sent over a component connection. If you want real component output, you'll need to encode the RGB signal.

You should gut it and build a custom plexiglass case.