First post (Hello!!) and N64 Score

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Hello everyone ). Nabbed an average N64 for 15.00 US, Star Wars Racer 6.00 US, N64 purple controller 5.00 US, and GC Metroid Prime 10.00 US. Looked around on ebay after I bought this and figured it was an ok deal. Thanks for any responces and hope to chat with you guys in the future.


Welcome to the boards, and congrats on getting a N64. You can check out are Off Topic thread, and you can introduce yourself in the sticky. (the thread at the top)

welcome. In addition, you can also post your game finds in the collecting thread sticky, entitled "Game Finds".

Thanks and thanks and oh yeah thanks!

Welcome to the NES Files. Wow you got yourself a good deal there! A purple N64 controller for only 5 dollars! Where did you get it from?

From a local pawn shop. And thanks for the welcome!