Mind of Mencia (Comedy Central)

In N64

Has anyone seen this show?

In I think the 1st episode. There was a peice where he joked about old things. He had a buket filled with out dated things. He brings out a Cassette and says "if you even know what this is, kill youself" and asks a midget to break it, he compared it too an iPod.

I was surprised when he brought out an N64 and acted as if it were way outdated. Sadly, he even had the midget smash it

Yea, I saw it one night, and I wanted to smash him. I turned it before he smashed it. I couldn't take it .

He considers outdated? Quick, hide the Ataris!

Anyone know the props person for that show

I saw that show, and I have to say that Comedy Central has reached a new low these past 5 years. They smash lots of things on that channel. On "Distraction" they belw up a Vespa. A FREAKING VESPA!

I've also noticed notice Comedy "fads" that go on in that channel. all of these "fads" are stereotypes of people playing and enforcing their stereotype.

2000-Bad stand-ups from the 90's that get a second chance at being bad.

2001-rampant Arabic/"Bush is a Retard" humor

2002- Gay Comedians (or people pretending)

2003- Angry/Loud black comedians (*motions at Dave Chapelle on the screen*)

2004-Rednecks! This one lasted so long I sopped watching TV that year. god I hate all those people talking about booze and sex, and sisters. (GITERDONE!)

And I'm afraid the stereotype of people theyre playing this year is the latino comedians. (latin kings of comedy, Mind of Mencia)

Its the middle of the year, and the center of the decade, Lets revolt against comedy central, and change their ways so 2006-2010 wont suck so bad!

That just further proves what EvilNES said, they just play on the stereotypes even more... When has Chappelle made a non-racial joke?

you kidding? thats why I was watching him! I love Dave, but not his knock offs. but dont you think theyre's just one stereotype played every year? and theyre making bajillions of dollars of this.

Comedy Central is definitely gone downhill. It seems like the producers are destined to give every bad comedian his/her own show. The biggest offenders include the likes of Wanda Sykes, Colin Quinn, Dave Chapelle (his stand up act is TERRIBLE, the only thing funny about that show is the scripted material, not HIM). Who's next... Ralphie May?
I don't expect this to change anytime soon.

Now there's Carlos Mencia a.k.a. "the beaner" - A washed-up hack who's entire act consists of angry ranting about racial and ethnic issues while working over the crowd for "agreement applause" rather than for "laughs". He's a one trick pony, and his "trick" is tired and forgettable.

If the guy really wants to smash things that are "outdated", he should take all his own material, put it on some sort of destructible medium, and wail away with a sledgehammer for hours.

"Mind of Mencia"? That's an "oxymoron".

Well, the sisters part and "Giterdone!" was Larry the Cable Guy, who's an idiot. Ingvals (sp?) and White were the only funny ones. Foxworthy was allright.

Seriously, though, why the hell did they do a show?! And why was the entire thing written like Larry's act?

Don't watch that channel since they dropped Whose Line (British) and old SNL eps. I was never a big fan of South Park, and MAD TV? Blech...

At least E! has the SNL reruns..... Today they had one with Drew Barrymore hosting.... I love it when they have the Jeopardy 25th Anniversary Edition skits (Darrel Hammond as Sean Connery is GENIUS).

Agreed. That show was so much funnier/better back in the pre-Wayne Brady/Drew Carey era. I use to laugh at all the actual "British" people that were on there when they would say things like, "Ow! Me bum!" (hey, it's funny to Americans).

I forgot too bring this up. About 2 weeks after I made this thread, Apparently other N64 fans were mad and Carlos actually got hate mail about it. So he did a skit on his show about it. This is how it went:

"By the way, I got a lot of hate mail about the N64 being smashed a couple of weeks ago on my show. I mean, this is all I said, check it out:


"I feel sorry for you if you still own this, kids from a 3rd world country like Honderas would not accept this, you know what they'd say? "Ay! No dame Aqui!" (It means, Hey, don't send it this way!) *then shows midget re-bashing it*

*Back too show*

"Apparently all the nerds almost crapped in their Star Wars under roos after seeing this" *Crowd Boos/laughs*

"No, no but I decided to do somthing cool. I actually sent a Nintendo 64 too a kid in Hondoras, but it gets better, I got it taped via satellite"

*Shows Honderas with kid getting package*

"Wow a package from Carlos Mencia!" "Nintendo 64?!"

*Starts stomping on top of it*

"Screw you Carlos Mencia!"

* Ends tape *

"See, hey what I say, right?"

That was pretty low but petty funny though, you would have to have seen it.

Naw, that sucks bro. You know, there is one less gaming system in the world because of that. I'm glad I've never seen this guy perform, it'd probably piss me off So, what's the highlight of this topic for me, and why did I post?...

Nice new avatar, BJG!

I say all the N64 fans go and blow up a lowrider right outside his house. I bet he'd cry. lol I dont like that show, its korny. I watched 5 or 10mins of it one time and was just like, "NEXT!" and just played Game Cube. Like EvilNES said though, Comedy Central doesnt even care if you think something is haha funny. all they care about is that your tv is on their ch. and you watch so they make mad crazy cash. the only thing I watch on comedy central anymore is S.N.L, Mad TV, and Comedy Central Presents: ______.

B.T.W, KICKS ASS! if you've never seen him then try like hell to. "Big bucks, big bucks! No Whamy, no whamy!" lmfao! you gotta see this dude, funny as hell.