Goldeneye or Perfect Dark

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So which do you like better Goldeneye or Perfect Dark?

It's gotta be Goldeneye. Mainly as it has the Bond characters in. Playing as oddjob, Jaws, boris......sweet.

Goldeneye because............. hmm......i don't know......
i just do i guess....


I'm sorry, I'm a fan of Perfect Dark, but I really don't see what all the fuss over it was about. The double guns were cool, the different sims were badass, but I really didn't feel it was revolutionary.

Now that I have both games to play, I'd have to go with Goldeneye like everyone else. For me its just because its James "007" Bond. He kicks ass. Perfect Dark still rocks hard though.


I used to call ot Bond.

Goldeneye hands down!

That game made the N64!

Mishkin is the best!

Goldeneye. You can only play without bond on 2 players, though, right?

I favor Goldeneye, mainly because of the more realistic story and weapons.

I do very much love Perfect Dark too.

To everyone that can't see why it was so revolutionary... play it again, and then play Goldeneye. it's incredibly good looking compared to Goldeneye, even without the high-res mode on (I wouldn't suggets trying to play on high-res mode though, the lag is unbearable)

Blasphemy! Graphics aren't everything!

I don't seem to recall saying that...

I know. I just saw an opportunity to be a smartass, and I took it. I stand by my decision.

I like Goldeneye 100% more. I still love Perfect Dark, but Goldeneye to me was one of those games that was done perfectly.

Almost. Not eneough gore

Gore would have ruin the game. Bond movies/games have never been about that.

Goldeneye!! see everyone agrees. mainly since it was made first and also has james bond in it. i didn't enjoy perfect dark as much.

i have both games but no expansion pack for my n64.. so i honestly dont know what a pefect dark is all about. but i rock out with golden eye

Goldeneye, mainly cause I couldnt figure out the single player mode in PD.
Back in the day, I was the premier Goldeneye player around.