Any advise on DK64?

In N64

Ahhhh DK64. One helluva game. The last level took a while for me too, when u got to fight KING KRUNCH. It was last summer that i bet it so i dont quite remeber. Ill go play it and get back to you. I do remember that Donkey Kong has to hit him in the barrel, Diddy has to shoot the speakers or whatever is up above the ring. Lanky i dont quite remember, Tiny has to shoot arrows at his feet. And the big guy (I belive Crunchy?) has to punch him at the perfect time.

Here are some hints for the bosses.

So you said you have all the golden bananas and banana fairies, good. Are you gonna try and get all the bananas for every character on every level? Im at 96% but it is possible to get 101%.

Banjo Kazooie is awesome Very Happy . It was my first game ever!! That game is another fun long adventure game. Good Luck on it.