Good way to clean your N64 system?

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My brother wants to take his N64 away, so I bought a N64, and would like to keep the one I grew up with, so I would like to try to clean it as best as possible so my brother can't tell that it was his old N64 so he will take the one I bought. (sounds very confusing) Anyways, anyone have any good methods/types of cleaner that won't dis color the console or anything. Thanks!

Soap? Windex? Just wipe it down?

It can't be THAT dirty...

No, just don't want to use something that will fade the color of the plastic. Thanks.

chances are he won't notice til he's away, and at that point it'll be too late

At first I'd just try it witha good cloth and very little water. If there are stains remaining a little window cleaner should be fine.

I did it, and it looks great. Now, I need to make the switch .

When mine doesnt work, I break out the juijitsu. My systems never give me problems. EVER

this must of been Chuck Norris.....