What was the last N64 game that you...

In N64

Got from a store brand new? I'm pretty sure mine was Space Invaders 64. Great game.

Megaman 64, got it a few months back.

Superman 64. I wasted $60.00....

Shadow Man. I still haven't opened it yet so I don't know how it is.

The game is alright. I would say open it if it isn't worth a high value.

$60 for Superman 64

I have no idea what the last Brand new game I bought was (from a store), but I did buy a brand new copy of PerfectDark off ebay recently for about $6.

I think it was Mario Kart 64, but this was a looooooong time ago, when the N64 was one of the current consoles on the market.

Don't forget this was in CDN.
Also I got it a week later when it came out.

Last I can remember would be Excitebike 64, in a North Carolina mall in 2000.

I never got a chance to play Excitebike 64 is it good?

Yeah it's teh pwnage. I need to buy it again, my friend still has it from years ago. Give it a try if you can, it's a really good game.

Donkey Kong64 back in 2001.

I think mine was Majora's Mask. It was for 89 German Marks, so a real bargain back then.

I bought Castlevania 64 brand new in a Florida flea market, which meant i didn't have enough money when i finally found the "swords 'n' knives" section.

Hydro Thunder....regreted it a month later when I obtained the Dreamcast version....regret that even now that I have the XBOX version as part of some Midways classic collection...

PAPER MARIO for 14 Dollars at Toys r us.

I got it for my brother though.

Later got it for 5 dolalrs from Blockbuster.