Resident Evil 0

In N64

I just found out something that I didn't know. Resident Evil 0 was originally supposed to be on the N64... unfortunately for you (I'm looking at you, greatmightypoo ), it didn't make it. I found . Wasn't sure if anyone else knew this, I just found it interesting.

Cool Video Roth. I knew it was suppose to be on N64 but wasnt quite sure what it looked like. Im so glad it got postponed to the gamecube though.

I never knew about that being a possible release on the N64 . Its a shame that it wasn't released because it would have probably been the best game to use the N64 hardware to its limits.

I know some other potentially great games were cancelled or bumped up to the Gamecube like:
Contra Spirits 64
Dinosaur Planet
Dragon Sword
EarthBound 64
Eternal Darkness
Glover 2

Mortal Kombat Special Forces
Nightmare Creatures 2


Kirby's Air Ride was pushed up to the Gamecube :

Twelve Tales: Conker 64 could have been Rare's best game on the N64 if it was completed. This game promised awesomely rendered graphics like this screenshot:

Finally Wildwaters looked to be a kayaking game in which players chose their character, and kayak based off of their weaknesses and strengths. The water simulation in it could have very well blown Wave Race right out of the water . Heres a pic:

So, glad it got postponed.