Harvest Moon

In N64

Well hello everyone! I broke ot my n64 and noticed Harvest Moon, one of my favorite N64 games.(or was) I was just wondering the rareity of this game. I remember it being very hard to get when it came out. Anyone else play it?

Pretty much any Harvest Moon older than the GBA/GameCube/PS2 ones goes for $40 + on eBay...

The DP Rarity Guide also says it worth about $40

I tried out harvest moon for the GBC. I really couldnt get into it. Are any of the other ones better?

I thought it was awesome for n64 and tried to play a dif. version on PS and i thought it stunk, but yeah the n64 version is good.

What are you babblin' 'bout n00b? Harvest Moon Back To Nature is one of the best games ever created.

Anyway.. I really enjoy the harvest moon series. Though it gets pretty repetitive after a couple days, they are really addicting.