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<<<New member just saying Hi
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Generating the ranking structure.
What do you do outside of gaming?
PHP worm
An excellent resource!
Other Forums?
On a wing and prayer
Forum color scheme
Like to see a Wizard 2
About the visitor reviews on NESfiles...
Horse the Band and The Advantage
How old are you?
this is kinda stupid, but...
DVD Collection
this is even more stupid, but...
Let's have some fun!
Speaking of Retro Junk...
page numbers at top
G-Mail invites...
G4Tech TV
Anime? Manga?
Killing spyware
Karnov Love Thread
Anyone know about IGN?
About Post Count Rank
Uncle Nes-a-holic
Funny and/or interesting photos/pictures
What else do you guys do?
{::} NrG's OldSchool Stories {::}
Famicom art
The Japan thread
Happy me..
Your desktop
What's your name?
The German thread
What languages do you speak?
Tourettes man (REALLY FUNNY)
The New Anti-American Terrorist Threat
My son
Anything Goes!
This place is starting to get popular
Star Wars Episode 3
What kind of music do you like?
Should we make an MU?
U KNOW........
Need help, how can I convert BMP's to JPEGS or GIFS?
[::] CLICK HERE [::]
New hear, and need some help with the site.
Limits on Private Message
Flashes you made.
Who is your Favorite Faxanadu Character
Man.. Windows Xp sucks hard..
Broke my Pinky but got lucky
Come to me!
my nick is BatZACK help mee plzzz
A real good thing!
What is your real name????
Mystery of EvilNES
A sting?
Can someone get an I-con of...?
Don't you hate it when...
music preferably rock/heavy metal
If you are getting an MP3 Player or an iPod ...
Ouch!!!+YAY!!! Thread.
Do you think the end of the world is soon?
Do You Buy Chex Cereal?
Love ZEN's Icon
Lance Armstrong Foundation
The Ultimate Battle!
Admin,Mod,Member legend
How do you get an image
Should I keep this I-con, or get my old one back?
Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Have you made PC games with gamemaking software?
History of this forum.
What happened to merch?
The Jedi
What the Flying F?
Alone In The Dark... so Lame.
Ask The Person Below You a Question!
Rude Forums
Movie Opportunities Hollywood Missed Out On
If your bored.
I had some spare time...
Whats the longest game you have ever played?
Your self (yeeaah....)
May Run (or May 24, or May Long)
BK King VS Vader.....
Does anyone remember "The Wizard" from 89'?
Has anyone watched the SpellBinder series?