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This forum is for discussing modern gaming systems-- XBox, PS2, PSX, etc.
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Xbox Collection
what type of games are you into?
Ape Escape will make you go ape!!!
Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 games
PSP Player?
Have you guys won the pepsi contest?
Grand Theft Auto
Robot Alchemic Drive
New 2D system: Would it work?
HELP!! My gamecube is on the verge of death!!
I'm getting a DC what should I start off with?
God of war.
Skies of Arcadia Legends!
Disneys/Pixar's Monsters Inc. For PSX..
New game systems and collecting
Tony Hawks Underground 2
DDR Mario!
RPG'S for the Gamecube.
Playable Xbox 360 Kiosks
Is installing a MOD-Chip a good idea?
Multi-format games
Midway Arcade Treasures 3 review!
Resident Evil 4 Review! (PS2 VERSION)
Nintendo Seeks Worldwide Revolution
Shadowrun for the 360
Revolution's Classic Feature
PS3 will not let you play Used Games :(
Region-free gaming with PS3 :)
XBOX games at Burger King?
How do I do this with my Cube?
What will win first place???
Sonic Riders Preview....Sonic Meet's Snow early NA 2006..
E3 2006.
IGN holiday buyer Guide GCN.
If I get a PS2, what game should I get with it?
Shadow the Hedgehog IGN REVIEW!
Director of Smash Bros. Revolution!
Sonic Riders 2..o.0
Xbox: Ratings
[maximum pc tour pre-release games]
Xbox 360 is Not a Revolution.Good Read.
Gamecube game help. (Sorry)
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Xbox 360 Crashes, Defects Reported
Favourite Current Generation System.
360 Backwards Compatiblility
Revolution (Don't rename my threads.)
Sakurai Elaborates on Smash Bros. Revolution
Mario Strikers
DDR Exetreme II
XBOX LIVE Gamertag List!
Quick PS2 question
Official Revolution Logo?
The official PS3 thread
Mass Effect
I just recently got an SV cable for my PS2
Revolution release time...
Halo 2 argument that originated on the GUN thread
Kameo: Elements Of Power
How is Final Fantasy X?
The Xbox 360 thread.
Comparison of console sizes
How many times did/do you die on Resident Evil 4?
PlayStation 3 could feature downloadable PSone, PS2 games
Help, por favor.
the elder scrolls 4 released today
Starcraft Ghost Canceled!
Revolution release date? <- Failed April Fool's joke
PS2 Memory Card Question
Guitar Hero
Nintendo Revolution: Raise or lower the price of NES games?
Metal Slug announced for Nintendo Wii
Wii Classic controller
Anyone else really excited for...
Tomb Raider Legend: To Buy Or Not To Buy?
PS2 Trackball Controller
Taz: Wanted (Gamecube)
PS2 Alpha Collection Featuring Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix!
PS2 Lack-Of-Capability Alert
Vampire Night Help
xbox 360 gametag
Dreamcast - Plays all Regions of games (Japan, UK, USA)
Wii Online
DC-X for Dreamcast
Modded XBOX
PS3's Blu Ray versus Xbox 360's DVD-9
75 Blu-Ray movies for PS3 at Lanuch...£34 each 0.o
Yar har har
What Game Cube game should I get?
anyone play ssbm?
The Return of Banjo & Kazooie.
The Resident Evil 4 Thread.
Hyper Scan
Sony names PS3 controller.
Gamecube Buying