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best megaman game on nes???
Mega Man's obvious music influence
Which one do you enjoy battling the most?
Mega Man Cartoon
MegaMan Remix
megaman 4 vs. rockman 4
Rockman 1-6 Famicom Music Collection
Megaman X-Next (Not a NES game though)
Megaman Vs Samus and Ghost N' Goblins
What was Capcom thinking!!!!!!!!
megaman4 rating
Mega Man 3 artworks
Mega Man X Collection!!!
Have u beaten MM 1-8?
Mega Man Zero
What Mega Man do you think has the best music?
Stinkoman 20X6
which megaman series do you like the best?
What do you call megaman rules?
Whats your best time with Mega Man 2?
Just started playing Mega Man 1, and what order should...
Mega Man 9
i wonder...
Which robot... ?
Gameboy games
Do you think the Battle Net series brings shame to Megaman?
Is Mega Man running out of ideas?
Let's see you accomplish this!
Mega Man 9 should explane these questions
Megaman X Command Mission
Best Weapon
Whats your Fav Mega Man seris?
Mega Man X Collection....
MegaMan on DC.
"Best of the Rest" NES Mega Man
Arcade series?
Mega Man Zero Alpha
Mega Man VS Mega Man X
Mega Man VS Astro Boy.
Game of the Week 47/2006: Mega Man
MegaMan 2 FireFox Theme.