Whats your best time with Mega Man 2?

In Mega Man

I just did a speed run yesterday on Megaman 2. I was a little rusty since my oringal copy broke, and I played on my NES ROM. (with a controller) I did it in 1:16. Whats yours?

I've never really timed myself... so I'm not sure, I just play

Yea, same here, but it was liek my 30th time through the game so I though I would time myself.

I should time myself next time. I've played that game in and out.

Wrong Topic

I have beaten that one only once and that time I timed and I had gotten 2 and a half ours sadly enough, but On Bomberman64 I have beaten that one in 26 minutes.

I just re-times myself. I got 55 mins!