Best Weapon

In Mega Man

What do you think the best weapon from a Robot Master was? Personally, I really like the Metal Blade. It doesn't use up much weapon energy, you can fire it in all directions, and it slices through just about everything.

Heatman's weapon was pretty was the first weapon you could charge in the Megaman series !

I think gravity man's weapon was awesome. (Was that his name?)

Anyways, even though it didn't work all the time, sometimes you could use it and all enemies would fly up and off the screen. Like a mega one-"hit" kill.

I thought drill mans weapon was pretty cool. You could make it explode in mid air and damage enemies on impact.

of course, i think the b weapon (from BubbleMan, Megaman 2).
it,s impossible to defeat dr. wily without it !!!

tomahawk man,s weapon is very useful, too..


of course, i think the b weapon (from BubbleMan, Megaman 2).
it,s impossible to defeat dr. wily without it !!!


On "Normal" mode you can use the regular arm cannon (US version). Infact, I've read some walkthroughs that suggested the weapon over the Bubble Lead. It's a good point that you bring up, but I don't think it (or anything) can best those Metal Blades, they're just so freakin awesome!

certainly, most of the weapons we obtain from
robot masters are cute. it'd be great if these
were included as normal weapons in every new
version. they're a lot, i know, but some are
very memorable (i loved gutsman's ability).
others, nonetheless, are ... absurd ( i never
understood usefulness of woodman's weapon,
and i only instance one ) ...


H Y P E R___R O C K M A N !!!!

i never
understood usefulness of woodman's weapon,
and i only instance one

Aside from using the leaf shield on Airman, it also comes in handy quite a bit during Crashman's stage during the ladder climbing portion when all those birds fly across and drop the eggs full of little birds. Every time the egg breaks, you activate the shield and keep still, letting any bird that could come into harm's way die. Then you start climbing again.

Metal Blade has to be the most efficient weapon there is that's for sure. Like 0.25 bars per use. And the most directional weapon (shoot in all 8 directions???) Not to mention killing metal man in one shot!

Also, Godeatgod, thats the very point I was gonna say. Leaf Shield is by far not useless, it really helps with crash man's stage avoiding those "burger" looking fellows. As well, there's a DR. Wily stage with the same moving platforms and those annoying robots again. And at least for the game by version, as long as the leafs don't get reflected it doesn't require any energy to use the weapon.

I'd go as far as saying that the leaf shield is the best "shield" weapon in Megaman, better than the star crash and the skull barrier and I think there was the plant shield too?

But the coolest weapon was Gravity Man's gravity hold. It's just really cool. And his board is kick ass too, with the gravity change.

I'd have to go with Metal Man's weapon being the best too, for the same reasons Dragonlord has stated. I actually do Metal Man's stage first in MM2, just so I can have that weapon early. Not only is it efficient in the means of shooting in eight directions and generally giving the enemies a headache, but it also uses VERY little of the POWer you get for it on each shot. You could fire that weapon for what seems like days, and not run out of it. An awesome weapon, and definitely my favorite of all the games.

i like the metal blade, but I personally liked the quick boomerang, it had short range, but a cool weapon anyway for wearing a pink suit.

I agree with Metal Blade. It destroyed everything. Accept bosses of course. They always had some sort of "immunity" which probably had something to do with being made of... metal. But that's just stupid.

if we were talking the X series, we could out the hadoken, because that killed anything even bosses in one hit.

Would be kick ass if you could actually hit someone with that gun of yours, but then it'd just be a beat'm up.

But that would be one cool pistol whip!