Game of the Week 47/2006: Mega Man

In Mega Man

This week's pick is "Megaman" (1st part).
I don't have time now, so I'll post cover art and stuff later.
You are free to start the discussion already though.

Nice game of the week! I really enjoyed the Megaman games on the Nes, the one I most enjoyed was Megaman 2.

I never got into Megaman 1. Without the password system, I never felt like beating it. I have to give it credit though because it lead to Megaman 2 (one of my favorite games ever) and many many more good Megaman games.

The only thing I hated about Megaman 1 was Gutsman's Stage.. Those platforms at the start...

I would agree that Megaman 2 is the best (and I am sure that I voted that somewhere...) but Megaman 1 did have its quirks. Like being able to process one sound. And no passwords. But nonetheless, at least it had very simple Master Robots and was original. Fire, Ice, Elec, Bomb, and ok, Cut and Guts. But simple anyway. I mean, it took me many a long night of pondering to establish "Hard" from 3 as a basic element.

Always loved the Megaman series. However, I didn't actually own one until Megaman 3. After going back and playing them, I found 2 to be the best.

Another great game choice, Manuel!
I bought this one when it was brand new, and it became one of the most frustrating (along with Ghosts 'N' Goblins). The reason for this was because I didn't realize that Megaman inherited the POWers of the defeated robot bosses. I got about 2 bosses away from the Dr. Wily stage before I finally figured it out. I'm amazed I got that far.
Once I defeated it, it became an addiction. I played it every day straight through for weeks. The hardest boss for me was actually the monster that assembles in pieces from one side of the room to the other.
Like most everyone else, the second one became my favorite (although I haven't played through the rest of them to the end yet). I always wonder, though, why they took out the score and those little crystals. Both were unecessary in the scheme of things, but to this day I always like writing down my top scores for the first installment. All in all, fantastic game concept, and the 8-bit music is unforgettable.

Let's compare box art (today without carts).
In the order Japan, America, Europe.

What's your favourite here?

Once again, the Japanese art spins my wheels. I always thought the Capcom image on the US box looked like a little too human, not light-hearted enough for the game it represents.

Why does the European one remind me of some twisted version of Home Alone?

My first memory of this game was from junior high. There was a kid in my class that owned this game and told me about it. I remember him telling me that you can use boss weapons when you kill them, and that sounded so cool. I never did borrow it from him, but later on, a friend of mine got Megaman 2. I loved the graphics, big enemies, and gameplay in that one, and I instantly turned into a Megaman fan. Eventually, sometime after buying Megaman 3 for myself, I picked up the original Megaman. As I expected, it was a simpler game than the sequels, but I still had fun with it. I really like the part on the Dr. Wily stage where you are going through a tunnel, and then they speed up the background scrolling and it looks like you are traveling at warp speed.

The Megaman games is awesome. I also enjoy the games for the SNES much, though nothing beats the classics. They can be both hard and easy at the same time and I like that.

Ha, I'm a year late. Anyway, I just beat this game last night for the first time ever. I only have to beat 3, 4, and 6 now!