Mega Man 3 artworks

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In the thread with the kid selling NES Games to buy an XBox we came to Megaman 3 artworks.

Now I will show you the American, European and Japanese cart and box artworks.
Decide which you like most.

The Japanese version: (couldn't find bigger or better images at the time)
and cart

The European version:
box and cart

The American version:
and cart

Which do you like most?

I chose the European. That one just looks really good!

I see that there are looming bad guys in the background on both the European and the Japanese art. I was never a big fan of the drawing art on our boxes. I'm glad to see there were better box arts out there!

What I personnaly don't like on the US one is the dumb face of Megaman. If his face wasn't so stupid, it would not be so bad.

Normally when it comes to artwork the Japanese reign supreme but in this case I prefer the European.

I agree about the face on the American version. It looks plain wrong.

Yeah, I think a winner is European here. It almost makes the game completely different in a way.

what I don't like in how on Megaman 1 and 2, he is just a guy in a suit holding a pistol of some sort...