Have u beaten MM 1-8?

In Mega Man

Yes Hav u ? I did and I'm very proud of it! Oh and I didn't cheat

I haven't even played all of them.

I tried 1-5 on an emulator. I own MM3. That's all. Of course I beat my MM3.

I own MM2 and MM6, I beat MM2 a few months ago, and I have to say that MM6 just doesn't compare. 2 is the best one ever.

of course I'm trying to find the rest of them to fill out the collection, but as of now, I've only seriously played 2, and 6. and only completed 2

I've beaten the six on the NES, but haven't played seven or eight yet. I suppose I could TRY on my GameCube MM Collection, but the controls are too aggravating. Maybe I'll score the actual games someday.

7 and 8 were only released in Japan, no?

Weren't 7 and 8 for Super Famicom? I don't think they were for Famicom.

I think they were on the Famicom, I know Megaman 7 was released here on the SNES, but I'm not sure if it was the same Megaman 7

Megaman 7 was released on the Super NES, and Megaman 8 was realsed on the Playstation and the Saturn.

I looked on some Japanese sites and I only could find info on Rockman 1-6 for the Famicom.
7 and 8 were for other consoles, like chronolink wrote above.

I have only played 6 and I can bairely get through it. I will tell you guies straight off I SUCK at MM games. I get proud when I can beat one boss in the MM series of X series and get it's POWer.

Yeah, The 8th was on anniversary and was on PS and saturn like he said And MM 7 was bliggan hard and hard to find

Okay, I tried out MM7...

I feel like the character is too big. You can't even jump in the simplest of spots because your head hits the ceiling. I think they tried to hard to impress people with graphics. I like the first six over that one. Just my opinion. I'll probably try MM8 later today.

yeah 8 was surprisingly not so-good
amd i kno what u mean with 7

I destroyed Megamans 1 - 6. Never even seen 7 and 8.
And never bothered to play any of the other Megaman games.

There's like what? 40 of them?

i just plain hate all the battle network MM there stupid

Yeah. i have the Megaman aniversary collection disk. i beat 1-8 without cheats and the arcade ones. (#'s 7 and 3 were the hardest!)

really i thought original was hardest because when u get to Wily it all starts coming down on you at once
o and i beat them arcades also

Alright, I tried out MM8 on the anniversary collection last night. It turns out to be a game I used to own! I didn't realize that it was the same game. I think it has been specified already, but it was on the PSOne. I remember beating that game when I had it, so that puts me at having beaten parts 1-6 and part 8. So I guess that leaves me with part 7 to go through. Not sure if I really want to, though. Part 7 is kind of borish to me. Most likely I'll go ahead and bear it, just so I can have those first 8 beaten.

yeah seven has the same final boss as 8 except first form is easiar

Oh who has beaten the X series?
I have beaten X 1 and 4

I have only beat 2, 6, and 3.

..beaten 1-6,8.
almost through with 7 and 9 (Rockman and Forte/Megaman and Bass)

and my topic goes on!

Yeah Seven was probably the third hardest for me.