Which robot... ?

In Mega Man

Okay, I've started a topic similar to this before, but it was strictly MM 2. Which boss do you think is the coolest boss out of ALL of the NES Megaman games (1-6)? Just post the boss that you like, plus the reason you like him.

I have always liked Skull man , but now I like the yellow devil(blob with one eye) and Protoman.

Quick Man.

I dig quick man too, i can never beat him or his level.

ring man his level music is sooooo cool.

Id say Charge Man...for some reason he just looks cool to me. And makes that little 8 bit toooot when he charges at you. Its so cool.

To beat his board, all you need is Flash man, and then you can beat Quick man with the normal "beam", but if you want something easier, use Air.

What I usually do is run through his level without using the Flash weapon. Then when I get to Quick Man, use the Flash weapon on him. This drains his life meter down to half. Then I just use the M-Buster. Next time I'll have to try the Air weapon on him after the Flash weapon... sounds like it may be a bit more "quick" that way!

^Really? I never thought you could just run through it. I'll have to try it.

Oh yeah. It's not really all that hard at all, either. You just gotta know where you're going and be "quick" (man, I'm gonna wear that pun out! )

Well, my brother is playing my gamecube right now, but later, I shall pop my Megaman 2 in, and give it a try.

You are almost as bad as bond And his Jokes

I've always loved Shadow man. He's a ninja, which gets him points, and as a kid I thought he looked cool.

Also, he's wicked fun to fight using just the regular blaster and not the top spin.

I've always thought Cut Man to be classic. I mean, when I think Robot Master, I usually think of Cut Man. Maybe because he was the first one I ever played against. Also, Heat Man is like, the guy I think of when I think of fire robot masters, Fire Man and Flame Man be damned. Bubble Man is classic just because he looks so lame, whereas Wave Man has this total poseidon thing going on. And I like Stone Man's golem-look, and Air Man's ridiculous fatty fan vibe.

I get through Quick Man's stage without the Flash Stopper every time. Not really that hard at all. I guess I had trouble the first couple times I did it but I just played through the level again for the first time in years and I got through unscathed on my first try. That's without remembering the layout of the level.

Gravity man is the best. Fighting him is a lot of fun, flipping upside down and stuff.

Yeah man you got to save that Flash for the end, it drops Quick Mans health to half.

best bosses are yellow devil in Megaman1 & dr. wily in Megaman 2. the hardest ones. also hard: dive man from Megaman 4.

however, airman (mm2), geminiman, shadowman, hardman (mm3), pharaohman, toadman, dustman (mm4), starman, chargeman, napalmman (mm5), centaurman and knightman (mm6) ... all they look so atractive ... I like them ...


I would say Metal Man, because when I first played Megaman 2, first boss I ever beat. Plus his weapon is great.

noone mentioned Cutman!? Cutman pwns n00bs on a daily basis. he's so cool he's got his own THEME SONG! (obviously the one called "cutsman")

but HorsetheBand didn't do the theme, it just a song.

how dare you!? HOW DARE YOU!?!??!

As much as i like Horse, its true, its not an actual theme,

maybe not a theme, but it's a song about Cutman, which is a good enough theme song to me.


Quick man is the best...he just looks cool as hell.
Metal man comes in a close second.