Megaman X-Next (Not a NES game though)

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I was searching through the internet for some flash games and came across this site where this guy made his own Megaman Games. Some of them have a classic NES stlye for th game and some look like the Megaman X series from SNES

Is there anyway we could get you to post a link? I'm sure we could find it based on the info you gave us, but a link is always helpful!

would you mind posting a link so the rest of us could see this page?

Sorry guies, I was so hyped to make the topic, I forgot the link, here yo go , go to comics and media, then click on the box thats shows the word legend spining and rick's adventure

Nice site.
The better link is:

yea sorry

The guy has a demo coming out for 2 other games.

No problem.

I wonder if anyone else tryed it with the correct link?