Megaman Vs Samus and Ghost N' Goblins

In Mega Man

I thought this was mad cool, you are Megaman (he has the NES look) and you are in the same level Samus is in on the NES Metroid game, yo have to make your way through and you fight Samus as a boss, took me a while to finish.

Also, here is another one from the same guy called

Megaman 5s Ghosts N' Goblins

I've only played the Vs. Samus one, but it rocks.

this is the reason flash was created. the physics aren't quite rights, but that was needed to put MM in the Metroid stages.

Thanks for the awesome links.

Those are sure interesting.
I like flash more and more.

Megaman appears to be pretty popular under flash-creation games. I found one called Megaman X, type Megaman x flash under yahoo search, i think it's the first one. The boss you face is the same bass that I have as my Avatar