Mega Man 9

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Man, when this comes out, it could be cool. I wonder what will be on it? I mean, will it connect somehow to the X Series and what storyline will Capcom use this time? The revenge one was used, black mail was used, stuff from outter space used, framing Proto Man was used, and Megaman had to rescue Dr. Light as well.

I guess the only thing not used was in fact the "damsel in distress" thing. It would be funny if Megaman had to recue Roll or something like that.

..i think "Rockman and Forte"/"Megaman and Bass" is the Megaman 9 you are talking about.

I think 9 would carry on the classic styles as 1-8 have, it shouldn't be tied into the X series, or any other spin-off. The story could be any thing though...

I think it should have the old NES sprite of Megaman as a boss!

..Megaman 9/Rockman and Forte(SNES)/Megaman and Bass(GBA) is already out.and yeah im almost 90% sure that it is Megaman fact i already have beaten 6 out of 8 bosses.

you've stated this three different times now. To clarify...

is Megaman and Bass CALLED "Megaman 9"?


Then guess what...

IT'S NOT Megaman 9!!!

it would be completely stupid of Capcom to release Megaman 7 on the SNES, skip 8, and then release something with a completely different name, and have that be Megaman 9...

..actually,Capcom released Rockman and Forte AFTER Megaman 8;explaining the similarities between the two games graphically.Go ahead,check out the Megaman's true.

Capcom also released Megaman X games after Megaman 8, does that mean that they're Megaman 9 too?

classic series: Megaman 1-8

X is a different series

Zero is a different series

Legends is a different series

Battle Network is a different series

those arcade fighting games are a different series.

..i just read some news from a site,saying something like Megaman and Bass is actually (and officially,they said),considered as Megaman 8.5,and not exactly Megaman 9.Sorry!