Mega Man VS Mega Man X

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Which games do you like better? Megaman or MMX? I feel that the boss's in the X games are harder then the first Megaman ones. I like the Weapons in the X games. Which do you like better?

Megaman X is to Megaman as Super Mario Bros. 3 is to SMB.

It's a superior sequel in every way, not because there was anything wrong with the original game, but rather because it was a complete progression and development of the original formula.

Whereas a certain other SNES Megaman game was merely the same formula combined with flashy graphics and cinemas.

Well, the first X game is my fave out of ANY MM game. However, for consistent quality, give me the original NES Games. The X sequels are pretty much uniformly ass.

I thought the X sequels were just fine. X3 in particular.

I really liked the control and feel of Megaman X, though I hardly played the original. Good special POWers made the game fun. However, the final boss was too hard, and I still haven't finished the game.

I'm gonna go with Uber Newb on this one. They're both great, I really can't pick one that is the best. Sure, Megaman X is superior, but it is also a newer game than the original Megaman game. The way to compare it is to forget about the graphics and just focus on the gameplay, which should be Megaman, I think it is more challenging, but that may just be me talking.

the original series....

after X4 the X series went bad.