Is Mega Man running out of ideas?

In Mega Man

I was watching G4 (the channel), and X-Play was on (it reviews games). It was review Megaman X-8 (I think, I just know its the newest MM X game). It seems MM bosses are running out of names. I mean, there was "Burn Rooster", and "Optic Sunflower"! I started to laugh. Do you think that the ol' Megaman is running out of ides for their bosses names?

Running out?! It's Megaman. They'll never run out of names. In fact, they're evolving. I gotta say, Optic Flower has it a lot better than poor Guts Man...

Well, there's an endless supply of names that they could use. I personally like the good ol' days of Fire Man, and Bubble Man, and Snake Man, etc. etc.... Then again, I'm just an old foagie

I haven't been able to play too many of the newer MM games, but when I played the first one that didn't utilize "man" at the end, I was a bit disappointed.

I thought it got bad with Megaman 6 with Pharoah Man. I thought that was sad enough.

As long as they don't start using names such as "young man" or "old man" or "small man with brown hair and an interest in baboons" etc I think we'll be o.k

they have used so many names theres got to be an end soon

Never! If you stop believing, the magic fades! Accursed heretics.

I'm with uber newb on this one