Which one do you enjoy battling the most?

In Mega Man

Which one of the robots from Megaman 2 do you like to fight the most? Be it because you're good at it, it's challenging, or you just think it's a cool character.

Definitely Crash Man. If Megaman jumps, he jumps. If Megaman shoots, he throws a bomb.
Trying to get the timing right is a challenge at first, then turns into a total joy when it's mastered. I think its the combination of constant jumping and timing that makes that fight so fun.

Bubble Man is fun too because of the slow motion underwater aspect and again, lots of jumping.

Quick Man is not fun. I don't think he has a pattern at all.

i think metalman and crashman are the most fun. metal man is really easy though. i just think its fun dodging his blades. and crashman is easy, (but the most challenging one). dr. wily is by far the easiest one though. they needed to make him harder.

This was my favorite game out of the series. I have to go with quickman. Hes cool but his level kicks ass as well

I'm not going to vote yet, I should have the game today though, and if not, it'll likely be in a week or so, then I'll give 'em all another go to be sure I remember right.

I always though it was really cool when you could kill Metal Man in one shot with his own blades.

Bubble Man. I like the part under water and jumping like in slow motion is cool.

I guess right now, Metal Man is pretty good. You can keep jumping on the moving floor, dodge his blades and blast him away. I think the second time you face him you can beat him with the Metal Blade in one hit.