which megaman series do you like the best?

In Mega Man

answer the poll then elaborate your answer...

I voted for the original series, they were the games that started everything, the simplistic yet challenging gameplay, beautiful controls, incredible music (especially in MM2) just made them fantastic

Quite honestly, it has to be the original series for me. The I haven't experienced any of the Battle Network games yet, but Megaman is one of my favorite series' on the NES. It's the one's I grew up with, and like to see when I think about Megaman.

Thats a very hard pick. Id give them both a tie on that one. Both had great gameplay/music and bosses.

i picked original because u kno its just awesomeness and music they all rocked i didn't pick X because X6-8 i heard from friends and my bro they sucked so i never played 'em

i picked the original. its so greatly advanced for the nes. for that system, they put a lot of effort into that game. you cant beat the originals (or the first played )

thats why capcom and Megaman will stay the #1!

I'll go with the original series, too.
I think it has the best (simple) gameplay and everything started with it.
The NES Megaman rules.

actually, X8 is different from the other X's, its an rpg... (i got it for GC )

but its an awsome game

I really don't like the new ones at all. I love the oringal ones though. I haven't played the X-Series, but I want to, and they look great! (the ones for SNES)

hey cam i think your thinking of command mission? x8 uses the same formula as the past regular x games. heh

The X series is what almost all the others was based off

Obviously the best is the original. Sure most of the games are on Nintnedo consoles, where they belong. Each one is awesome.


The Zero series is a side adventure off of the X Series which takes place before Megaman X I think. Oh well, it's kind of like Megaman & Bass to the classic series in a way.

I liked the battle concept of it but not the characters or stories

i loved the original.

I voted for original. Megaman's costume was not too elaborate then, and the tasks in each game were simple: kill the master robots. attack Wiley. The gameplay in them was great because of it's simplicity, and they were just more fun overall. I never got more than a few shots at the other types of Megaman series, but even then I knew that they would never replace the original for me. So to the other series: M3G@M@N 0RIGIN@L PWNS J00!!!!! W00T! R0FLMFA0!!!!! All your Megabuster are belong to Capcom.

I'm going with what Teh 1337 Muffinman said. Also, nice Zero Wing reference.