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Everyone knows Megaman 2 is considered the best, with 3 generally a close second, and of course the first one started it all. But which of the 3 "bad" Megaman games is the best? 4, 5, or 6?

I say 5. 4 had abysmal Robot Masters, I thought, and the same with 6. I also think 5 had the best graphics of any Megaman game. Plus I liked Gravity Man's stage a lot.

For those that can't remember what robot masters were in these games, here you go:

------ --- ---
Ring Man Stone Man Blizzard Man
Dive Man Gravity Man Wind Man
Skull Man Crystal Man Flame Man
Pharaoh Man Charge Man Plant Man
Bright Man Napalm Man Tomahawk Man
Toad Man Wave Man Yamato Man
Drill Man Star Man Knight Man
Dust Man Gyro Man Centaur Man

For me, six would have to be the better of those. I remember having the most challenge with those bosses, and hey, let's face it... Centaur Man was an awesome change-up from your typical robot master. Hey Jake, I'm glad you put the word "bad" in parantheses, because it's not so much that these games are bad, just not-as-good as the others. Good call

Hey Roth, that wouldn't be the order you're supposed to defeat the bosses in, is it? I've got the Anniversary Collection, and I have yet to even get into 4 and beyond; I still struggle with 3. NES cart-wise, I only have the first three as well.

Naw, unless by some freak accident I wrote them down as such I just cracked open an emu and jotted down the names in EditPad. As for the order, I really don't know. I think 2 out of 3 of these games I just went through and didn't try to actually figure that out. There some good info here:

Dragonlord runs that site, and keeps it on the web even with all the moves it makes. If you like that site and it's tips, you should be able to keep track of it through it's forums.

I rather Megaman 4

the later Megamans had too many gimmicks and crap to pickup..

The older versions were more simple

I used to like 6 the best, but 4 is starting to grow on me.

Hmmm. I would have to go with Megaman 4 being the best out of the 3 bad Megamans, only because the music was the best out of the 3...And it was the first to start the 2 castle area thing. Also it was the first to utilitize the charge buster. So yeah, gonna have to go with 4.

Dragonlord runs that site, and keeps it on the web even with all the moves it makes. If you like that site and it's tips, you should be able to keep track of it through it's forums.
Yep, cool site. That guy seems to have FF1 (among others) down to a fine art. Thanks!

I'd say 5, but I enjoyed all 3 "bad" Megaman games.

Just for the record, I will kill anyone who slanders Gravity Man, because slandering Gravity Man is a little too close to slandering the gameplay of Metal Storm.

You have been warned...

Yeah, GravityMan and GyroMan got cheated! They should have been in a Game Boy or Game Gear game like the others!

Personally, I think all the Megaman bosses were pretty well thought out, with unique weapons. I tend to agree with the all time useless POWer that Megaman plucks from a dead boss, and that is the Top Spin from Top Man. Although it does make for some comic relief during the game. I just think of this:
"Hi, you unsuspecting robotic foe! I'm going to spin around, make myself dizzy, and vomit nuts and bolts on your pathetic ass!"

Now to be fair, I'm sure Dr. Light had the foresight to not put a vomit program into Megaman's computer brain.

But yeah, I like Megaman 5 the best out of the "bad" Megaman games, which I did purposely quote earlier, because they are all great NES Games, it's just that a few of them are legendary and the rest are just really good compared to everything else.

I have 6 but I haven't ever beat it, or played it substantially, even. I mean, I've never stuck with it enough to beat 3 robot masters. I should probably do that sometime. The only Megaman game I've never owned is 4, but I've played it and it's my least favorite Megaman.