What Mega Man do you think has the best music?

In Mega Man

I say #2. It is great. I love the Bubble Man music, and the Air/wind man music. Also, the first board in the Dr.Wiley is the best with the guitar. What you guys think?

I would agree that MM 2 has the best music of the ones I've played, that game is just all around awesome!


It pretty much has the best everything.

The werid thing is, I have only played Megaman 1,2,6, and I like 2 the most, and most people I know do too. Are the others worth picking up? Or should I get the collectors disc for Gamecube.

Yup 2 has the best music. And yes i would pick that collectors game up for the GC. I own it and i love it.

Megaman 2 and 4 have the best for the NES Games. Megaman x is good for super nes.



How about a Famicom?

ya ya, whatever. typo. my bad

OH 2 all the way and yes i love the collectors for GC
and i want a famicom also

Megaman 2 has the best music of all of them by far.

To me, it's the way the toms are used in MM 2. The drums are set up with this perfect sound that helped distiguish exactly what MM games should sound like. After that game, it's as if the others tried to "recapture the magic," but only had great soundtracks as opposed to bad *ss soundtracks. That game has it all. Z.E.N made a very true statement.

I think Roth sumed it up the best.

i think the nes mm with the worst music had to be #5

the boss fights sound like techno stripping music

thats so crazy i thot the same

lol. try to find some one who doesnt

Hah. I didnt like mm5 music at all. Even 6 had better music

never played 2, only 6, it seemed ok. A lot of the X series had some pretty good music. Megaman and Bass was not so bad either.

_NrG_, you haven't play Megaman 2...your missing out on great game play, music, and boss fights. You should get the NES ROM. See if you like it. I think you will .

6's music wasnt as bad..... but the music to #'s 2 and 4 were THE BEST

yess another man like me

Megaman 2. SO ticked when Capcom messed the music up for the PS2 Anniversary Collection. ...

I've been trying to hold this off forever, but... I have to vote for Megaman X.

I just thought it was so damn perfect... it caught the difficulty and of the originals, and kicked it up in a way that Megaman IX (and, of course, MM64) failed so miserably at. (Enter maelstrom of fanboy wrath)

X's music really defined that for me. It was everything that Megaman , only perfectly next-gen.