Let's see you accomplish this!

In Mega Man

That's a video of "me" playing 'Megaman 2'. I defeated all 8 bosses near the end on a single bar of energy.
I also only used the P-shot and did NOT grab the POWer refill capsul after beating each boss.
(And no "cheating" was involved either!)

The trick is beating Crash Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, Bubble Man, and Metal Man without getting hit (although I think one of them got me at least once).
The toughies are Air Man (because he has unavoidable attacks), Wood Man (nearly impossible to avoid the falling leaves), and Quick Man (because he's so freakin' unpredictable).

It can be done though. It's a good challenge if you have the time...
And "skill".

I downloaded it and checked it out... not bad at all Z.E.N! I haven't been able to do that myself. If I get the chance sometime, I will try it for sure. Right now Megaman 2 is on the back burner for me since it's a game that I finished for my new conquered list. Good job man

Was that on Easy or Regular?

There is no Easy on Megaman 2. It's either Normal or Difficult. I would expect that he did that on Normal though... although I'm not sure how tough the bosses would be on Difficult

Thats some intensly awesome shiz man, I'm not too good in Megaman games.

In the japanese version our Difficult mode is the only mode, but whatever.

That was done on "Regular mode" for the U.S. version. Usually when I play through 'Megaman 2', I do so on difficult mode because it's more fun. However, the "boss challenge" is just too hard (mainly because Wood Man takes so many hits with the P-shot that he usually makes it all the way to the left of the screen before I can destroy him).

The video may not look all that impressive though. I was thinking of doing one of those "Famtasia style" challenges where I beat all 8 robots without taking a single hit, but that isn't as skillfull as it sounds due to Famtasia's ability to record a video while seemlessly editing out "save state refreshes".

Don't trust anyone who makes "speed runs" or "fantastic displays of skill" with the Famtasia NES emulator.

I could do that better. ...

Ok, that was a blatant lie.

I'm not so good at Megaman games. (I think it's near to a wonder that I could beat MM3 when I got it back then...)

That video surely is impressing.
For me, it would also be impressing if you took the POWer capsules after the fights.

That was pretty good man! I liked how you did that little celebration dance at the end

Great skill i dont think i could ever do that. Espcially not getting the POWer ups. Very nice work and impressive.

sweeeeet. Well, I'm off to attempt that right now....

That was awesome!! i was on the edge of my seat for the last three or four battles. Im gonna have to give that one a shot!!!

<- Complete lack of "skill".

w00t! All my insane jelousy are belong to ZEN. Oh hey, look I've already posted here.

In the japanese version our Difficult mode is the only mode, but whatever.

What are you trying to say man? j/k

Battle with Metal Man was awesome. You are pro.


I was on the edge of my seat when you fought Bubble Man...I didn't think you were gonna make it

But I have a stupid question, the P-Shot..is that just the megabuster? Because it was doing alot of damage and all that..

Am I missing something?

The P-shot is Megaman's regular weapon, so it's the same as "mega buster". It gets that name because of the letter "P" on the menu where it is selected.

It's more POWerful than some people think when used against bosses. Most players never try fighting them without using a "weakness weapon" but the regular shot can be effective. On difficult mode however, the damage is nearly cut in half.


I am using my dial up so it took forever to download. I must say it was worth the wait.

(I know it's not) You make it look so easy!