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Game Manufacturer: Capcom
Game Genre: Platformer
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Title Screen

Game Settings


mm1bomb.mid (24 KB)mm1bomb2.mid (19 KB)mm1boss.mid (17 KB)
mm1cut.mid (21 KB)mm1cut2.mid (36 KB)mm1cut3.mid (26 KB)
mm1elec.mid (5 KB)mm1elec2.mid (17 KB)mm1end.mid (5 KB)
mm1fire.mid (13 KB)mm1fire2.mid (25 KB)mm1fire3.mid (12 KB)
mm1guts.mid (10 KB)mm1guts2.mid (16 KB)mm1ice.mid (9 KB)
mm1rmint.mid (1 KB)mm1stag2.mid (8 KB)mm1stage.mid (4 KB)
mm1wily1.mid (5 KB)mm1wily2.mid (3 KB)Megaman NSF (12 KB)
OZSKPZVK        Infinite lives 
AASPLAZA        Start with 1 life 
IASPLAZA        Start with 6 lives 
AASPLAZE        Start with 9 lives 
SZKZGZSA        Infinite energy 
TAXOIOGO        Start with half energy 
AVVXLPSZ        No harm from any enemies, except super villains 
TAOOYTGA        Mega Man mega-jump 
OXSLEEPV + AUSLOEAZ     Always get maximum points for shooting super villains
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