This forum is for discussing the successor to the NES-- the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. All system and game-related discussion about the SNES should be in here.
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Snes lists!
Contra 3 alternate ending
Snes, better than Nes?
my new SNES
what does your snes collection consist of?
What design do you like more?
RPGs you enjoy
snes sound files?
hmm euro system
Best place for SNES ROMs.
what fantasy games to buy for snes list 10
Army Shooter...any idea?
Secret of Mana
Building a Tristar adapter?
Snes background game
Found a model 2 for cheap
I have a confession to make....
Chrono Trigger
Final Fight Series
Earth Bound
SNES Collection.
Snes rom (site)
Favorite SNES RPG
Who remembers "Zombies Ate my Neighbors"?
2 Player SNES Games
Originals Vs. All-Stars.
Best SNES Games
Super Famicom System
Super Scope Games.
SNES Strategy
What is this SNES game....(from another board)
Got a SNES today.
Will these gamebits fit into the deep screws on a SNES?
SNES Games That Use the Multitap.
My SNES is acting up....
Found some GREAT Snes games today but pricey!
opening it up
Can someone please get a screenshot from Mario World for me
Super Bases Loaded 2
Super Mario World Remix
Super Punch Out
Is this a joke?
Aladdin SNES
SNES Collection Advice
need help finding a game!
Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
Nobunaga's Ambition
Sorry if this has been asked coutless times, but...
Wireless control
where to buy SNES games??!
Back again!
SNES & Yobo?
Demon's Crest
Reason for Super Mario RPG price?
Mario Kart
Top Gear 2
SNES Carts
anyone here played Ghoul Patrol?
Contra III and Contra Hardcorpse boss question.
Holiday Gift Idea
Illusion of Gaia
Best overlooked games
best graphics for SNES
Overclocking the SuperFX Chip
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Sunset Riders
Looking for an RPG to buy
Japanese SNES Cart/Rom game
Street Combat
Found Earthbound
Great games for the SNES
Wicked Toronto Shop
Earthbound Question
SNES Emulation
Best Mario Kart Driver?(Snes version).
Weird Boxart
Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen
SNES Collection
Wanderers from Ys
SNES Overclock!
What's your favourite SNES game?
new RPGs for OSG
power supply question
SNES Game Count
Super Famicom Games
SNES High-Demand Items
Deathly FFIII Price
Value of Kirby Super Star
My Poor Ogre Battle Inserts
Found a good lot
Donkey Kong Country 3 Scoring System
Prince of Persia
Decent Soul Blazer Deal
Connecting SNES to Laptop
Cheezy Games
SNES vs. Sega Genesis