NES list?

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i was wondering if you guys could help me make a list of some of the best NES Games. i want to buy some i dont have, so do not mention...

Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, or 3
Bionic Commando
Rad Racer
Track and Field 1 or 2

name some games i should get besides these.

Megaman 2
Tecmo Bowl
Bubble Bobble
Dragon Warrior I, II, III, and IV
Final Fantasy
Ninja Gainde I, II, and III

Karnov. Of course.

Ninja Gaiden Tecmo Bowl and Megaman i should get.

Yeah, there has been about 60543 threads on the subject, one made by you. Browse the forums. And there is alot of Top 10-20-30 Etc. NES Games EVAR.. On the net. But make sure to add M.C. Kids.