How Nintendo are you?

In Games

I'm Megaman!

I'm Zelda

I'm Mario.

Im a Mario!

Megaman for me.


I am an Isolated Warrior


My brother just took it. He's a Duckhunt.

Oops... forgot to post mine

I'm Mario!!

I did it a second time and became a Pikachu.

Double Dragon

As i'm always liqoured up and violent

me Bubble Bobble this time(damn I love that game)

I'm a Duckhunt

I'm Mawio

Wow, how did I miss this thread...

I'm Pokemon

Fight, Megaman! For everlasting peace!

Is that good? what is good and what is bad? does it really matter. I'm happy so...

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I did it again and got Karnov.

I'm A Mario

i'm mario