110 'n 1 NES Multi Cart

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Hey, I recently got this in a large lot I purchased, and have no idea on it's value or anything apart from what it is...a famicon multicart. If anyone can clue me in on this specific one, it would be great. I know the labels can be different, but consider it pretty standard, although I've only seen only one site with a picture or mention of the 110 in 1 cart...any help is appreciated. Thanks!! Also looking to sell, since I don't need it...don't know what to ask...

Famicom multicarts are generally worth around 10-20 dollars...some are worth a bit more if they have games on them that weren't released officially, and of course the amount of games on them factors into the price as well. If it has 110 unique games on it then it's obviously going to be more valuable than a multicart with 10 unique games and 100 variations

Alright, well since I'm trying to sell it anyways, and don't know a value, someone's bound to want these games, in chronological order:

Flitull, Shoting Block, Tetris 1, Tetris 2, Banana, Flappy 240, Othello, Gobang, Runner 1, Runner 2, Mahjong 2, Mahjong 4, Arithmetic, Lunar Ball, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Balloon Fight, Pin Ball, Islander, Grading, Maze Song, 634 Sword, The New Human, ASO, Star Solbier, The Goonies, Legendry, Argus, Arkanoid, Mighty Bomb Jack, Super Bors 2, Twin Bee, B-Wings, 1942, Spartan, ASCII, Ninja 3, MagMax, Gyrodine, Wrecking Crew, Elevator, Xveious, Ninja 2, City Connection, Mach Rtder, Thunder Bike, Execite Bike, Fi-Race, Road Fighter, Zippy Race, Bomberman, Front Line, Macross, Star Force, Exerion, Galaga, Galaxian, PacManbattle City, Kung Fu, Kung Fu, Karateka, Ninja 1, Waterpipe 1, King Kong 1, King Kong 2, King Kong 3, Mappy, Ropeye, Ice Climber, Wrestle, Nuts and Mtlk, Skydestroyer, Formation Z, Pooyan, Circus, Devil World, Urban Chanr, Clu Clu Land, Chackn Pop, Din Dun, Combat, Helicopter, Ninja Fight, Arabian, Antarctic Adventure, Binary Land, Space Frog, Gotcha, Hogans Alley, Wild Gunman, Duckhunt, Super Galaxtan, Super PacMan, Super Star Force, Super Bomberman, Super Star Soldier, Super King Kong, Super Tank 1, Super Tank 2, Super Pooyan, Super Grading, Super Fast Mario, Super Man 1, Super Argus, Super Xevious, Super Man 2, Super Man 3, and lastly, Super Man 4...

Definately some spelling mistakes up there, but that's exactly what it says on the label.

Few interested parties, but nothing concrete yet. Anyone else?

I also have posession of the infamous 110 fami cartridge. Wanna know how I got it? This guy I know...he owns a game store and regularly prowls thrift stores for videogames. He picked up about 7 of these famicom carts for 2 bucks a piece. The kicker for me was that I had also been looking at this same store a week earlier but in the wrong spot. Gang-it!!! Well if you own the Messiah you must have some famicom games right? Long story short I traded 20 bucks, halo1,2, my xbox and 20 bucks for 110 fami(black), 8 in 1 fami, (orange), 6 in 1 mario (purple with 6 different mario games) and Contra (black). Oh man, that was a doozie....but I never really played my xbox anyway. Now that's NES dedication!!

actually, that's not knowing the value of money. either way, walcome to the forums

Yes, Walcome.

Thanks for the splended welcome! Hum.. last I checked 1 dollar was worth 100 pennies and TO ME an xbox plus some extras is worth some pretty rare fami multi carts. Oh and YOU do understand the value of money??? So we're all supposed to be like you? Buy what you buy? Hey everyone. Next time you want to buy something as this jerk first.... to make sure that what you are buying is ok with him. Man, first post ever on this forum and you insult. Next time keep your welcomes and any other rude comments to yourself.

this has happened to me and all i said was Hey, im new i like Games and money and stuff like that , and they had said God your first post and your Flaming and Spamming, except serious. and i was pissed i jsut said hey why cant i post Hi to people.


Listen, hold on a minute; See the winking smiley face at the end of his post? Unlike at other forums, that is actually genuine. He was just ribbing you, we all do it. Flame wars and direct insults are frowned upon here... most of us make "insults" in good fun.

Your reply was funny, "I like games and money and stuff like that." Lol... there is no way I can be mad at you now!! It's all good guys, I simply thought it was a not so nice walcome, especially for a newbe. I mean honestly when u tell someone they don't understand the value of money?
Wink or no wink.

Now back to nerdville. Do you guys know if the guy who originally posted still has the 110 multi cart? Maybe I value this thing too much? What would you guys have done if you would have found it /them in a thrift store? Would you have even picked them up? I guess fami is not for everyone. I seem to value fami carts a little more than nes carts? In terms of finding them. How do guys build your collections w/o dropping lots of dough? I steak out thrift stores. The other day I found an almost brand new Final Fantasy. This store downtown regularly sells them for 50 bucks/in box for 125

Yes, alot of friendlyness around here, very little if any "Flaming".

And stay away from the "U" , "lol" "w/o" Bullshit, we like to talk in sentences.

Personally I value pirates pretty low... some people will pay foolish amounts of money for them (you trading your Xbox for example) Unfortunately you're getting into the hobby at a bad time. this whole "retro craze" has launched prices of the most common junk through the roof (Final Fantasy is stupidly common, but it still sells for $40+)

You just have to be patient and know the value of things.

I use the "online rarity guide" at to judge what carts are worth. But if it's something I REALLY want, it doesn't really matter to me what some guide says it's worth.

Yes, alot of friendlyness around here, very little if any "Flaming".

And stay away from the "U" , "lol" "w/o" Bullshit, we like to talk in sentences.

I guess I've been texting too much? What did you mean by Flaming? I thought forums were a place to chill and speak your mind? And yes I know about foreign people using this forum and maybe they might not understand certain things but it wasn't that bad was it? Is this a language arts class or something? Did I get a, C- on my last post? Funny how person who wants me to speak in sentences uses B.S. oops I mean Bullshit in a post. Can we get down to talking NES or what? I think this whole thing is not for me? I thought this forum would be about nes..oops I mean Nintendo Enternatinment System?

prokow, the original poster, may or may not be located here:

I don't know if that site has a ban against pirates or things like that, thusly he/she may have come here for that reason.

Of course, it could be coincidence that there is a user at a video game trading site and a user trying to sell something here to have the same name.

When I said there's very little Flaming going on, I was saying that this place is friendly, backing up Uber Newb's post. But if you intend to take everything so seriously in the future, maybe the intarwebs isn't for you.

so is my fami 110 multi a pirate?


EDIT: So are all of the others you got.

ok by me. now if I say this is everyone going frown upon me? For liking pirate carts. does this forum frown upon pirates?

Hypothetical? So if I were to try to sell any of these illegal fami carts on ebay...would ebay yank them if they found out? Honestly though, I love them and do not want to sell them. Are these pirates everywhere or hard to find? Yesterday an illegal, regular nes cart 110 multi ended for 42.00 dollars maybe ebay just never found out about it?

first of all, easy there big-guns

thanks, 'Newb.

seems like you're the only one getting worked up. and was OGTL not speaking his mind?

no, everyone will "frown upon you" for being so uptight. chill out, don't take everything as an insult. and to keep this from getting too long, yes, ebay will take pirated game listings down

It depends where you are really. In the UK (where I live) I never see them. In the USA you aren't going to see them too often. In places like Hong Kong and Turkey they are dime a dozen. If I saw any for a good price I'd pick them up. A talking piece of anyones collection.

Man, this forum has already taken more twists and turns than I initially expected. When I came here, I thought it would be dead, maybe get a reply or two back every week or so, but there's still a lot of you hanging around here, which is cool and unexpected. The only thing the internet lacks...emotion, so that's where most of the miscommunications come in, but than again, it's not like you really know the person, so there's no reason to backfire or even take it to heart, but we can all be a little sarcastic to show what we really mean, even if it means exaggerating. Personally, I tend to use ... a lot, so if that means my-english-not-so-good, oh well, I'm tentatively lazy so don't burn me for that. ANd to the last poster (again, don't feel like copying and pasting this to go back and get his username), you found me. Nice trading site there, but it manages to make some income from suscribing and affiliate advertising, so of course there's going to be laws enforced where their credibility can be compromised, so I found this by mistake. The famicom cart, I don't value much, and know it can make a killing on ebay, the only problem: it'll be taken off in a few minutes. The best offer I have so far is around a 25er, seems decent as I got a huge lot of NES Games and picked the ones I wanted...complete Castlevania II, Bubble Bobble 2, and a few other more common ones I wanted. So yeah, just saying hey to you guys, haven't really checked around the forum, since I thought it was dead, but I'll give it a shot. Apart from the neon green font blinding me, it's a nintendo gamer's heaven. Cheers.

PS: famicom multicart still up for grabs...

If you're really into Fami pirates, there's a guy from Brazil (?) that posts here every now-and-then. His handle on the forum is Cospefogo. If his e-mail is visible to the public, shoot him a line. If it's not, send him a PM. There are tons of Fami pirates where he lives, he had lots of nice pictures. If you'd like to see those pictures, check out his posts, you'll find them. I'm sure he could Hook you up really good if you ask him nicely.