Virtual Boy

In Handhelds

Who else ever gave this system a shot?

My cousin has one, I tired buying it off him no luck! He got it when they were $40.00.... I tired Mario Tennis it's alot of fun and same with the Mario Arcade one I really enjoyed this system. Hopefully I can find a VB around here soon.

I remember playing it back in 1995 it was okay but it gave me a real bad headache.

Got one in my closet right now. Owned it since it was new. Great concept, too much freakin' red.

I need a new stand and visor for mine though.

Am I the only one who could play for hours and not get sick?

I never got sick, but my eyes started hurting after a long time. The thing that I absolutely loved about it was the sweetass controller... I wish I had one.

Anybody know how many games were made for the Virtual Boy?

14 US releases according to Digital Press.

1. 3D Tetris
2. Galactic Pinball
3. Golf
4. Jack Bros.
5. Mario Clash
6. Mario's Tennis
7. Nester's Funky Bowling
8. Panic Bomber
9. Red Alarm
10. Teleroboxer
11. Vertical Force
12. Virtual League Baseball
13. Wario Land
14. Waterworld

Overall it were 23 games (including Japanese games not released in the US) I guess.

I want one badly, but I still didn't run into one in my time in Japan. I guess I still have time. Maybe I'll find one laying around in a store for cheap. I would not want to pay more than 50$ on it. And of course it should come in the original box.

What's this strange fascination w/Nintendo's Vietnam...let's try and forget that this thing ever existed...colossal failure.

Even though it was a failure, it's still a part of Nintendo's history and well worth owning I guess.

No, Nintendo's Vietnam was whoring out the Zelda series to Phillips CD-i. Furthermore, the POWerglove was also a colossal failure, but I'm sure that you'll be tarred and feathered if you ever speak out against it around oldschool gaming communities. It was SO BAD.