How much is to much for a Nes game?

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What is the most you have ever paid for a Nes game? So far all the pawn shops I have gone to sell them for $5. And have you ever seen a place that was selling NES Games for way to much?

Around here I find that $5 is the going rate for commons, it kinda sucks, but there aen't a whole lot of games I'm still looking for. I think the most I paid for a single game was... $8 for my complete and mint Air Fortress or $8 for Gauntlet.

(Prices in Canadian Dollars)

$6 each for Zelda and Link gold carts

I paid $12.00 for Crystallis, but that's only because it had the Gameboy Color Sticker on it, and I really didn't feel like starting an arguement with the guy who was obviously new to working the register. Other than that my prices usually range from $.99 - $6.00 but if I want the game, I really dont mind paying a little more even if I am getting "ripped off".

10 bucks for M.C. Kids.

I don't really have a limit, I judge each game individually. The most I paid was 10 pounds for a complete (inserts, instructions etc) Donkey Kong Classics.

I paid $45 CAD for Tengen Tetris.

$5 or so is not a bad price at all for any NES game, I really hate the shops that think they know what games are worth. The other day, seen some place selling the Nintendo Tetris for $20!?! A couple of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games for $20 a piece, Loopz and Dr. Chaos for $13 each. This is beyond the point of buying for me.

One other thing I hate about shops and NES Games, some people like to individually price each game with a black marker! I told the guy at this shop once that if he wouldn't have marked each one with the pen I would have boughten them, you should have seen the look on his face.

But then I think of the time I bought my Maxi-15 cart for $3 and I begin to feel better!

Here's my top four most expensive NES Games that I've paid for:

Garage Cart - $40 USD
Princess Tomato - ~$28 USD (waiting on this to come in the mail )
Dragon Warrior II - $25 USD
Dragon Warrior III - $20 USD

I usually end up spending around five bucks for most of my games though.

back when i first started collecting NES Games i paid $15 for Contra, and later got another copy for free from a friend

other than that the most i've paid for a NES game is $9.99 each for Bubble Bobble, Contra Force, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, and Color a Dinosaur.... but i felt those were worth it considering they're either hard to find or jacked up too high on ebay

30 for PacMan i was like "WHAT"

most i paid was about $65 USD for a complete little samson

Prices around here are usually 5-10, with the occasional $3 games

the most rediculous thing i saw was 40 for nintendo Tetris. the same store also had Megaman 6 priced at 20

As of now, I wouldn't pay more than 10 dollars for a NES game. I have in the past though...

Prices here are either really good, or horrible.

My local store had Bubble Bobble for 4.99, while they had Megaman 3 and 4 for 25 each.

I paid $20 for a complete Menace Beach and $30 for a complete Dragon Warrior IV.

I see prices around $7USD in my area. Give or take. Most places here know what's up regarding games.

I paid $30 for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters once

I have seen Mario 3 for $16 at this one local game store. Average around here though is about 4-7.

I've seen Funcoland charge $18 for Final Fantasy.

I saw a complete Stack Up go for 200 bucks on Ebay.

Game Exchange here in RC, SD sells a complete Final Fantasy, for 15 bucks.

Sadly thats not overpriced and pretty much the going rate.

$12 bucks for Super Mario Bros./Duckhunt, funny thing is i think someone actually brought it poor guy

They were alll $12( i think was was $8 or something) but there was all complete in great con, thats why i broought them but since mario/Duckhunt i already own 4 copys of i didnt bother buying it, also at $!2 its a rip off

The last auction i won on eBay i got The Punisher,Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt and Predator all complete i paid a Hefty $75

75 dollars for a broken toaster nes, doesnt count as a "game" but is a really big ripoff, never go to gametraders.