What's your favourite type of game?

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I'd go w/ RPGs.

I like platforms best, But i also like good puzzle games.

I love platformers. Then RPGs and shooters. Puzzle games are up there too since Tetris is like one of my favorite games ever.

Gotta be platformers Ninja Gaiden, Megaman, Castlevania.... all the games I love the most are in this style.

i enjoy platformers the best

Its not up there but id say Beat-em ups first, platformers, then RPGS

Rpgs are my favorite followed by Adventure and Platform

Rpg all the way

What NES Games where 1st person shooters?

originally i said Shooter, now id have to go with platformer, but a shooter could be a platformer too, but oh well.

Think we can count Duckhunt?

Haha, good point. I wonder if there are any (Non lightgun games)

Hhmm......don't know was doom on Snes or nes?

RPGs, followed by platformers.

Crap I knew I missed a few game types hahaha.

RPG/Adventure probably.

Such as....
Adventures of Lolo
Puzzle Bobble

Jenni, have you ever played Fire 'N Ice, or Solomons Key? They are a must for puzzle lovers. They rule.


Nope.... I'm googling it now.....
Looks like fun!!! I'll have to run next door and get my mem stick and get the NES ROM for them..... thanks for the tip!

Jenni have u ever played Columns(my favorite Puzzle)

i love it sooo much, but im more of a shooter kinda guy.

Damn hate that game kindof. I got it with a 3 in 1 cart yesterday.
super hang-on

grew up on RPG's

I like "adventure games" with "platforming elements". Both 2D and 3D.

I like platformers and racing games. I like all genres really. Just those two in particular.

I had to say RPGs. If you think about it, almost every game is an RPG because you are never yourself in a game unless you designed the game about your life(which would be creepy by the way). Just a thought...

Fav in order


Side-scoller-Super Mario Bros. and any Mario type games.

Puzzles-Puyo Puyo,Tetis,Bust-A-move


For me, I'd say my favorite genre would be games that don't fit into a genre.

I know that doesn't make much sense, but think about it. Every once in a while, a game comes along that's completely unlike anything else. That's the type of game I like.

Thanks i had to look it up on google to figure it out.............