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I don't know if this has been posted before, but if it has, it hasn't for a while. Anyways, do you have any great memories with gaming? I know I do. I remember when I was in Pre-K, I would come home, and I would play Super Mario Bros., with my mom. I would be Mario, and my mom would be Luigi. We could always get to around the 5-7 world before we saw the gameover for both of us.
Also, when I got older, I use to play hockey with my brother, and my one friend all the time. We would come inside, and play Mario Party, or Super Smash Bros, or Mario Kart 64. We would have a blast. We would also play Goldeneye. Those games cunsomed our lives.
As of right now, me and my other brother, are really into Super Smash Brothers Melee. I guess I'm starting new memories .

Also, (about the one topic where it says ""why do you still play your NES and other older systems"") I think memories is a big reason to still play older games.

Yeah , I can remember the 16 bit days, I could play sonic 2 or sonic cd like getting hit once throughout the whole thing, I used to play7 them games constantly, and when I got my 32x and SEga Cd for christmas with doom and Sonic.,And ALONG stime ago PLaying Zelda II: The Adventure of Link over at my GRandmas, then I played Jackal and Toobin(Toobin sucked.)
Also When I loved RBI Baseball and played it with my brother,ANd of course when I was little I Used to play the First level of MArio 3, then have to go to my Grandmas to be babysat.THen the next day I try to get to level two but never happened.

Oh, i sure do. I remember i rented Zelda: The Orcarina of Time so many times, im sure i could have bought it twice with all the money i spent renting it constantly

Oh yeah I for got last year I beat Ocarina for the tenth time

When both me and my brother were younger all we did was play video games. I'm older and he was never as good as me and could never beat me , except once. F-Zero, we would use the practice mode to compete and see who could get the best time in mute city. It was an ongoing battle. I would smash his time only to come back later and find he had trounced mine. Then one day I did the unthinkable, when he had thought he had me with an incredible time I ran a PERFECT run, and damn it was PERFECT. No mistakes, boost was used in all the right places, ramps were used to maximum effect, and there was nary a drag in any of the corners. I thought and bragged that he would never beat it. I was wrong. My brother may have long since abandoned gaming in favor of these things called "girls", but he will forever be the F-Zero king in my eyes. Little *%$#@ always was a better driver. I don't think I ever even tried to go back and beat it. Believe me when I say it would have been a futile effort

Like, many of you, I also share some good gaming time with my brother.
I remember, we used to come home after school and strted playing our NES.
The first game we played at home was SM1, we finished it in 15 days.
After that we got SMB3 and finished it in 7 days.
From then on we traded our games with others and finished all of them within a week, except Tiger-Heli, which we never finished.
Some of the best times I had was with, Double Dragon III, Time Lord, Double Dragon II..
Those were some fun days..

too many memories to list.

i'll just say there were many good times with mario kart 64

I remember when my brother and I were young and Mortal Kombat was first released on the Super Nintendo. Our parents wouldn't let us play it because of the violence. Of course this made us want to play it more and more. So I snuck down to the video shop and hired it. We'd play it at night when everyone was in bed. It was terrifying yet extremely fun.

That reminds me of my brother, my friend, and I always use to play Smash Bros. We would play "break the targets", and "form the platforms". We would go back and forth trying to beat each other records, and it was so fun. Thinking how fun it was makes me sad that its over .

Much too many memories to list here.
But one interesting.
My wife's brother bought Luigi Mansion when it came out and stopped after about 3 or 4 rooms... "too hard" he said.
So I tried it and beat the whole game in 2 days. And I didn't even play long...

Too hard?

I guess he must have stopped before he got used to controlling the vacuum. The only thing even slightly challenging in that game is the final boss.

I didn't think the final boss was so hard. The hardest for me was the 40 (or how many were it?) ghosts you had to ice and then destroy on the big balcony with the ice statues. Man those were annoying.

I didn't think it was a hard game, but just a game you pick up and play for a while. Its hard to get stuck, so you just keep on playing, and its fun.

I've got pretty much the same memories. I used to play SMB all the time when I was at the age of 3, 4 and 5 years old with my dad and my brother. I still do a little bit, but only on my own or with friends. I also remember that I played a lot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on my NES and Flintstones. When I got the Nintendo 64 I played super mario 64, and used 5 years to get all of the missing stars! I do have a lot of other memories, but I don't want to get all of you bored with those.

I don't ever remember being any good at games as a kid, but one thing that has always hung in my memory is when I was four and my dad rented Castlevania III. I remember waking from a nightmare at three in the morning, and afterwards went down to play that game on our TV. I must've played for at least half an hour before my dad found me, but for that half of an hour, I was in love with the game. I only recently got my own copy (Castlevania I for Castlevania III to my friend who breathes Castlevania), and being able to beat games that seemed insurmountable as a's a great feeling.

Now, my greatest memory in the making is playing Ice Hockey against my best friend. He is a God at every game he touches, but for some reason this game levels the playing field to both of us. We play like our very lives depend on us scoring a Goal, and our hands ache from the constant struggle to control the Goalie and to beat the other in a fight. New games are useless to compare, I never feel as passionate about a game than when I'm playing Ice Hockey.

I just remembered along time ago when I asked my mom for help on Bubble Bobble.

I remember playing Faxanadu and Star Tropics for the first time, the one 2 games that actually Hooked me that were not mario games

Yes do i have loads of memories. First off waking up at 4 am to play good ol nes. I remember renting Nightmare on elmstreet before and had a blast playing it. I remember when i was 13 or 14? I would be at my grandmothers who lives in the country and its beautiful there and id play chronotrigger 24/7! And other SNES and Genisis games. God i miss those days! What i wouldnt give to go back to those times. Being an adult really is stressful and irratating.

Too many great memories but Im sure we can all share that final day when a rented game had to be returned. I was only allowed to rent games Friday nights and the game had to be returned monday. I would set my alarm 30 minutes earlier monday morning to get my final game in before school. My mom would return the game while I was at school.

I remember when I was younger alot. NES was big back then, and I had my favorites. I still have memories of renting games after dinner and on Fridays after school. I miss those days. I try to recreate them sometimes, but it's not the same. I still remember certain games make me think of different shops .

I remember going to my cousins house back in the late 80's i was probably 6 or 7 at the time he was alot older then me but he had a ton of NES Games he was pretty cool always let me play his games like Super Mario Bros.2 or Mike Tyson's Punchout yea the good old days

Hello folks!

Yes yes, the same for me --- Castlevania III was a hit in my life!
Thanks God I had in my hometown here in Brazil a rental shop
who have bought around 100 NES Games, all original in cases
with manual. So, I was able to play all great NES Games
back in 1992, 1993. Because you know... Living in a small
town, and outside USA, is quite difficult sometimes to
get all game releases and so on.

Other thing that makes me have tears in the eyes, was when
I was renting Final Fantasy I! My mom and dad ever wanted
me to play only in the weekends, and I remember when was
out to deliver the game to the shop in a monday... and got
a tricky idea!

I came back home with the game hidden in my clothes, and
used to play during all that week in the middle of the night,
when everybody was asleep, until finish the game.

Oh, all my savings were gone to be renting a game for
so many days.

PS. Thanks to NES and Famicom I learnt all english
and japanese laguage I know today!


hhhmmm my favorite memory with gaming was play Castlevania 64 and resident evil 2 those were the games that make me strive to become a video game programer......... but other than that i don't have many happy memorys in general.
well... i do remeber one time. It was late i about 3 in the morning, this was both my parents devorced (i think i spelled that wrong). I was about 7 years old, i happened to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. when i was done taking care of bussiness, i noticed there was a tv on in the bonus room. so i went to go and turn it off, but when i got in there i saw my father playing Super Mario Bros. 3. I asked him why he was awake... he didn't give me and answear and just asked me if i wanted to play. I said "yes" and climbed in his lap and we played untill we fell alsleep.........My Mother and him seperated a couple of weeks later......
But i would go through that devorce again and again to spend that one night with me father....i have to say it was one the greatest moments in my life so play video games with your parents even if its only once....but keep the game simple because my father SUCKS at Super Mario Bros. hehehe

Geez, too many to list them all, but I will share my very first NES memory.

My brother and I had gotten a NES for Christmas, and didn't know too much about it. We had been born and bred on Atari so we were used to playing games where every board was the same and basically repeats indefinitely. When we popped in Super Mario Bros. we were amazed that the board actually scrolled by and looked like something other than a bunch of pixels. When we finally beat world 1-4 we thought that was it, and the game was over and we would just repeat the same boards over again (like an Atari game would have). We were amazed to learn that the Princess was actually in another castle, and that moment really showed us how huge this game was going to be and changed how we looked at video games and their influence on our lives.

Lots & lots of memories. The ones that stand out tend to be with the harder games, I.E. Solomons Key, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, etc. I remember trying over & over to beat the one boss in Megaman 1 that splits into pieces and you have to jump over the pieces and hit him in the eye several times to defeat him. I just couldn't get the timing right for a few DAYS, and I finally beat the boss, of all times, drunk off my *ss. I also remember being obsessed with finding every single 'implement' in the Goonies II and the location of the tranceiver eluding me for many weeks. And of course, every game I play brings new memories.