What do you look for in a NES game?

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I judge a game 1. by it's music and 2. by if it's adventury enough. I like games like Zelda and stuff what do you like mostly?

I just look for if I have fun playing it or not. Im with you on the Zelda thing. Zelda has been one of my fav. RPG for about 7 years now.

fun and if I should try to accomplish my mission of beatign it and affirmative I usually do.

Music, Storyline (if its a RPG), and...see if it is a gamne different from a game I have played.

Fun and storyline.

Fun, storyline, not too long but not too short and I hate games that are fustrating.

Playability and fun.

To be truthful. A game that will keep my attention. Whenever i see a sports game i dont give it a second look. And fun gameplay is a big plus.

Three main things:

1. Playability
2. Music
3. Sense of self

Battletoads became self aware at 2:14am, Eastern time, on December 20th, 1991. In a panic, they tried to pull the plug...

Sense of self for me also. I mean, how close i feel to being the hero.

im newly getting into nes (only a few years late:P) and i have not yet established what kind of games i like, but adventure games are probably the go, i do like Zelda, i started on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, but my copy is in good condition in box, and having to recrease the hinge bend in the box every time i want to play doesnt feel good to me, so i stopped playing quite early. i am going to get an unboxed version soon so i can use it as my playable version.

i like games which make it obvious what you have to do, but will give you a challenge to do it. i dont like to wander around trying to work out what comes next, i have an extremely short attention span, and cant take that for much time at all. i like to be on a straightforward quest.

i hate sports and in turn, sports games. (or at least i am yet to find a sports game i enjoy enough to play through to the end.. of the first level)

in the n64 era, i thought i liked fps, but now i realize i just liked goldeneye and perfect dark (goldeneye more). but thats not relevant to nes really.

i just bought Faxanadu, isnt that meant to be good? from opening the cart to clean it, i saw it doesnt have a save feature, so that's going to bring me pain.

music is also a big factor in the enjoyment i get from a game, if i like the music, ill enjoy the game more.. if i hate the music, i will not be sticking with the game long.

Faxanadu is a great game with great music. It has a password feature.

When I say "sense of self" I primarily mean I like a game to create it's own reality without pandering. One of the greatest things about NES Games that most new games severely lack is that they seem to exist on their own. One game is it's own reality and another and another. I don't know if that makes much sense. Basically what makes a Megaman game a Megaman game and Zelda a Zelda game? They create themselves from the base up. The same can't be said for the myriad clones that populate modern gaming. So many NES Games posess a strong "self" and that's what I love about them.


I look for anything that tickles my fancy. I enjoy quirkiness. If a game is interesting looking and playing, I'll do it. But in reality I dont discriminate. I love every game equally (yes, even you Spiritual Warfare).